Address planner hertzberger.

Address planner hertzberger.

Protocol last date: accepted.

Tilsiter Lichtspiele: They have developed an interim use concept for the workshop building on the glassworks site (Kynaststr.) to SenStadt, Mr. Schulgen, and expect feedback soon. The T. L. Are one of the oldest program cinemas in Berlin, also do other events (readings, concerts). For glassworks area they plan multifunctional room with meeting, beer garden, program cinema, different events. Necessary would be period of at least a few years. See also the results of the workshop on the glassworks site on this website. One result was that Stralau lacks a socio-cultural center, meeting place and marketplace function. The citizen's forum can again point out at SenStadt. If several concepts are available there, the decision on which interim user will be chosen should be made with public participation and in a transparent manner. There should be a citizens' meeting about this.

Spokesman's choice: As the two spokespersons are elected: Mrs. Sigmund and Mr. Trommer. (each with 8 votes in favor, no abstentions, no votes against).

Bus lines: Response from BVG to letter regarding bus 347: decision on future route, u. A. Also the question whether the bus will stop permanently at the Ostkreuz will only coincide with the overall planning for the time after the Ostkreuz is completed. But: the current line is only for the year of construction of the Alt-Stralau underpass and would then run the old route again.

Demands to the bus 347:

1. The citizens' forum demands that the current provisional routing with stop at Ostkreuz be maintained permanently with immediate effect. 2. The bus should run until midnight. 3. The track section Warschauer Str.-Ostkreuz-Stralau is to run at 10-minute intervals between 6 a.M. And 8 p.M. 4. The bus should always stop at or. Ostbahnhof (there barrier-free transfer possible. Connection to numerous bus lines).

Requirement for bus 104: Bus 104 should always run to the final stop Stralau-Tunnelstraße in order to improve the connection to the S-Bhf. Treptower Park (Ringbahn junction with 3 directions) from both directions and at Stralau to ensure. Justification: The current shortcut of the line at every second bus means that the S-Bahn connection is missing and there are too few connections to Stralau.

Further procedure: Mr. Ziegenbalg drafts letter, conclusion by circular mail procedure.

At the pier: The networking meeting of initiatives around Ostkreuz has 15 min speaking rights at BVV Lichtenberg urban development committee on 09.11.2010. Mr. Trommer and Mr. Joos, event. Mr. Bobrowski and Mr. Ziegenbalg, take over the appointment. Next date of the networking meeting: Tuesday 16.11.2010 in the youth center E-Lok.

Finances: No feedback from the district yet.

Flyer: Design by Mrs. Sigmund. The draft has already met with great approval. Ms. Sigmund is still working suggested topics into the current placeholder paragraphs.

Price development of rental and owner-occupied housing units in Stralau and new construction projects: The bus station at Bahrfeldtstr. Planned row houses should be marketed at increased prices. What effect will the price increase in Stralau have on the residential population?? Are there possibilities to influence? What are the possible areas of focus (z. B. Direct sale to construction groups)? However, according to the sales sign, the current row house planning does not correspond to the valid development plan. What to do? Hertzberger axis: demand retention? Address planner Hertzberger? Objections to the development plan amendment plan? Contact building inspectorate in advance? Plant Motorboat-. Party boat rental. Demand: Motorboat-free Rummelsburger Bucht with the exception of the existing jetty traffic, no passenger ships. Reason: Nature conservation (otter on Kratzbruch Island), noise protection. Reference to statements of the NABU (working group beaver – near-natural Spree) and network meetings of the initiatives.

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