2022 Motorcycle season has begun

2022 Motorcycle season has begun

In recent years, the local law enforcement officers have recorded traffic accidents involving this, in which motorcyclists were also seriously injured.

Especially after the corona-related restrictions, many bikers are tempted to get out and ride.

Tips from the police: Before we get to the general tips for the start of the season, let's get something straight: Riding a motorcycle is generally considered to be very dangerous. At least every 5. Death in German road traffic is a motorcyclist or a motorcyclist. Relatively speaking, and compared to cars (much lower registration numbers and mileage for motorcycles), motorcycling means for the risk of death: the risk of a fatal accident on a motorcycle is higher by a factor of 20 compared to a car!

"There are in motorcycling also difficult to avoid accidents with wildlife or accidents caused by technical defects, but the most important factor in accident prevention is often the driver himself also due to excessive or inappropriate speed," said traffic safety advisor Police Superintendent Martin Schwanitz of the prevention team of the police Lüneburg/Lüchow-D./Uelzen. "Highly increased accident probabilities are often also the result of overestimation of one's own abilities and a sense of adventure. Speed limits have a purpose and must be obeyed by all road users! Leaning and speed rushes belong at best on closed-off race tracks. In motorcycle accidents, there is a high proportion of solo accidents without the involvement of others. Most solo accidents can be prevented by following the rules. Be a role model for other road users!"

Get ready for the start of the season and get yourself and your motorcycle fit for the first rides. After the winter, the first thing to do is to get used to the handling of the machine again and to slowly approach the personal riding ability of the last season again. Your motorcycle stood for weeks or months in the garage. Take enough time during the first short ride to concentrate completely on your motorcycle. Test whether it is technically in order. Get used to the machine again. To the own motion sequences. Use the still cold spring days to get yourself physically fit for the upcoming season. With a physical training suitable for motorcyclists you are well prepared for longer trips. Practice makes perfect: Ideally, you should complete a safety training course.

Safety training is not just for beginners. Especially the old hands among motorcyclists know that constant training is important for motorcyclists and that everyone can always learn something more. The better you control your machine, the safer you are when riding, the better you can react to dangerous situations in case of emergency. Have more fun riding. Ensures maximum safety. Safety training is available for beginners, returning riders and experienced riders who want to improve their skills, depending on their requirements. And – who doesn't like to benefit from the tips of motorcycle professionals? Newcomers and those returning to the road should place value on assistance systems when buying new or second-hand. "Driving safety systems are able to prevent or mitigate many accidents. At a minimum, ABS is highly recommended", Schwanitz says. There are also systems like cornering ABS, emergency call, rear wheel lift-off control, combined or integral braking system, wheelie control, cornering slip control, distance radar.

Motorcycle clothing is protective clothing Good motorcycle clothing is not fashionable knickknack but necessary equipment for the protection of the body. Although it helps only at lower speeds to prevent serious or fatal injuries – but it is still important. Optimize your motorcycle clothing. Take advantage of the still cold days. Look around in specialized stores for novelties. Striking, easily recognizable colors have a signal effect and contribute to your safety. Especially the wearing of high-visibility vests is very useful. Be careful on known problem tracks! "Careful and considerate driving is important, especially on the known problem roads in the local area!", reports the case worker traffic of the police inspection, PHK Andreas Dobslaw. "On the B195 in the Neuhaus district, as well as at the hairpin bend in Alt Garge and on the district road between Lüneburg and Echem (K53), the police repeatedly observe misbehavior on the part of motorcyclists and, unfortunately, not infrequently, this also leads to traffic accidents, some of them serious, for which the bikers themselves are often to blame.

Overconfidence, posing and a thirst for adventure have already caused a lot of suffering in recent years. Please keep in mind: When fun becomes serious, not only the accident victims suffer, but often also their relatives. Real "experts know the risks and behave according to the rules and thus usually get through the season well and healthy. Supposed "experts often experience the painful opposite. And not to forget: Beautiful motorcycle tracks are not race tracks and are not equipped accordingly. The everyday and often legally prescribed furnishing of the side edges can never provide the safety in case of crashes that exists on real race tracks. Who therefore the "world champion If you would like to take part in one of these events, please use the corresponding courses, which can be found all over Germany for a small entrance fee. A country road is not suitable for "self-tests".

Further tips – always wear protective clothing – always drive with lights on, even on short journeys and in warm weather – wear a high-visibility vest – check the vehicle regularly to ensure that it is in perfect technical condition – keep a safe distance – adapt your driving behavior to the condition of the road (loose gravel, wetness, unevenness, potholes) – constant overtaking increases the risk of accidents

After the winter break: slowly get used to the motorcycle or scooter again Even car drivers have to "get used" to two-wheeled vehicles again in spring. Especially the strong acceleration values and the narrow silhouette of the motorcycle are among the risks. They lead to dangerous situations again and again, because the motorcyclist is not or too late perceived or the speed is wrongly estimated. The police advises to drive carefully and defensively and, if possible, to take part in a driving safety training course. The road conditions themselves always play a big role as well. Due to the lower outside temperatures in spring, tires do not achieve optimum grip. With regard to dangerous situations: You should learn a healthy distrust. Riders should always expect other road users to make mistakes. Only then can react appropriately in an emergency. By driving with foresight one can recognize and eliminate conflict situations in time in many cases.

The police asks all road users for mutual consideration and special caution. Safe Highway – My Speed" campaign… My life!" At the same time, the nationwide initiative "Safe Country Road – My Speed… My life!" Since 2021 the main causes of accidents on rural roads in Lower Saxony: Excessive or inappropriate speed. In the past year, accidents occurred a total of 3.232 motorcyclists (2020: 3.388) on Lower Saxony's roads. 75 (2020: 58) motorcyclists were killed and 834 (2020: 942) seriously injured. The expansion of the initiative with a focus on motorcyclists is also related to the drastic increase in fatal accidents and is aimed directly at bikers just in time for the start of the motorcycle season in Lower Saxony.

Last week, the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior and Sport, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labor, Transport and Digitalization, the Landesverkehrswacht Niedersachsen launched e. V. And the ADAC Lower Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt e. V. The new, extended campaign. Posters on popular motorcycle routes and a special offer of driving safety training courses as well as various campaign days are to contribute to an additional sensitization of motorcyclists. The initiative also addresses the issue of motorcycle noise and appeals to motorcyclists for mutual consideration with posters and banners.

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