Wieslocher housewives on a small journey through time in staufen im breisgau

Wiesloch housewives on a short journey through time in Staufen im Breisgau

Wieslocher housewives on a small journey through time in staufen im breisgau

This year's annual excursion took the Wiesloch housewives to the town of Staufen im Breisgau. Shortly before the end of the bus ride, a sign on the side of the highway announces the destination "Fauststadt Staufen". The history around Dr. Johann Georg Faust is but one aspect. The city was also one of the sites of the Baden Revolution under Gustav Struwe. Was thus at the forefront of democracy in Germany.

The departure from Schillerpark began, because of the longer journey, already at 7:00 o'clock in the morning. Traditionally, each excursion begins with a good breakfast, which took place at the parking lot in Staufen. Afterwards, there was an opportunity to explore the medieval town first on their own. In the reporting of the media Staufen plays at present rather a disaster role because of the Geothermik drillings, which began 2007 in the middle in the city. These drillings caused the earth to rise under the core of the city and thus led to strong cracks in the historical buildings. On their tour of the city, the visitors were able to see the damage for themselves in an impressive way.

On this day was in front of the town hall, around the market fountain market. After the first exploratory tours, some treated themselves to a short break in the cafes inviting with Black Forest specialties. Those who were good on foot ventured up the path to the castle ruins to enjoy the view far into the Rhine plain.

A guided tour of the city was on the agenda for noon. Start was in front of the late gothic style town hall, which was built in 1546. In 2007 the renovation had been decided by the city council. During the drilling in the subsoil, there was water ingress in a spring layer, which was only detected when the first houses were already cracked. The rehabilitation of these boreholes is still very costly today. Only slowly the lifting speed goes back. However, there is no danger for tourists and also for the inhabitants. The city guide gave a short briefing on the history of the city. According to this the first documentary mention was in the year 770. Other important dates in the history are times of the origin of the castle, the Thirty Years' War, French Revolutionary Wars, the Baden Revolution and finally the destruction by air raids in the last days of the 2nd World War. World War.

Of course, the visitors were particularly interested in the saga of the death of Dr. Johann Georg Faust. The magician. Alchemist was the most famous inhabitant of Staufen. The magician and alchemist was the most famous inhabitant of Staufen. The legend speaks of a pact with the devil, whom he had called his brother-in-law during his lifetime and who broke Faust's neck after the pact had expired after 24 years in 1539. Many literary figures had taken up the life and story of Faust and the Mephisto. So did Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Today, guests can book a special room in the "Löwen" inn book, in which Dr. Faustus died so terribly. The further way led the group through the main street right. Bounded on the left by the Stadtbächle. These brooks still come from the Middle Ages. Should provide fresh air already at that time. Today, children and adults are happy to refresh their feet in the summertime. A painting at the Krone inn involuntarily reminds visitors of the Baden Revolution. It shows the Kronenwirt, known at that time as a revolutionary, surrounded by Grand Ducal soldiers, successfully shouting to them: "I will not tolerate being shot".

After the extensive city tour, the Wieslochers had the opportunity to visit Staufen again. In one of the cafes they could relax with coffee and cake or enjoy a glass of Chasselas at the wine fountain of the Winzerkellerei before they started their return journey in the afternoon. Shortly before the home goal, a stop was made for a common conclusion in the restaurant "Schlindwein-Stuben made in Karlsdorf. There the excursion found its successful end with a meal.

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