Why i moved back to my parents during the pandemic

Why i moved back to my parents during the pandemic

Over the Christmas break this thought came up more and more. I was already with my parents every weekend in December anyway. Would I really move back? For months I had denied it. I certainly got through the pandemic better than many others. Also through the support of my parents. In the first lockdown it was still salary cuts in my part-time job as a projectionist in a Freiburg cinema, in the second lockdown I am now without one. I decided to quit my job myself, but I didn't expect it to be so difficult to find a new part-time job. The job market is overrun in the few areas that provide students with the flexibility they need in addition to their studies. And then you get to the point where you have to decide. Do I go to my savings, try to get Bafög or other assistance or it goes again in the made nest? Field reports: How does it feel to still live at home as a freshman?

Purely rationally it was a clear decision. I am in the lucky situation to be able to get to my parents in Sexau in 20 to 30 minutes, be it for an exam or another appointment. Should the university and UB reopen, it's a distance I can commute. With the end of my studies, I would definitely have had to vacate my dorm room this summer. And is it really necessary to exhaust my parents' financial support when you have all your seminars online due to the pandemic?? The move just makes sense.

It feels like a step backwards

Emotionally, it's a different story. It feels like a step backwards. So much has changed in my life since I left my nursery – especially myself. I have become accustomed to the freedom of not being accountable to anyone. To my own cooking, sometimes at 6 p.M. But sometimes not until after 8 p.M. I had my peace. I was my own master.

But in the last months in the dormitory also increasingly lonely. My roommates often stayed at home as well. With my parents I always have people around me. I can spend more time with my sister. But it also means that I have to get more involved in the community again. I don't cook for just one person anymore. There are more knocks on my door. I am coming to terms with that now. I think my good relationship with my family helps a lot. Others would probably have decided differently in my situation. And I can also understand this. Decisive for me was one word: Temporarily. The pandemic is not forever. Until that time comes, I become duty conscious at 18.Attending family dinners at 30.

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