Which fire brigades work in bückeburg together.

Which fire brigades work in bückeburg together.

Has Bückeburg a professional fire department ?

No, in Bückeburg and in the local parts there are altogether 9 voluntary fire departments. The active members in the emergency departments of the local fire departments work voluntarily and on an honorary basis.

Which fire departments work together in Bückeburg?

The fire departments Bergdorf, Müsingen and Scheie form the East firefighting train.

In the west of the municipality, it is the Röcke, Evesen and Cammer fire departments that are the West fire brigade form.

In the north, the fire departments Meinsen-Warber-Achum and Rusbend belong to the Fire brigade north.

In addition there are 2 fire brigades in the core city.

If the situation requires it, several fire departments work together or other fire departments come to the neighborly extinguishing assistance. In the case of large-scale operations, special vehicles (e.G., fire engines) are also called in. B. Equipment vehicle respiratory protection / radiation protection, equipment vehicle hazardous materials, command vehicle 2 etc.) from the Schaumburg district fire department are used.

How old do you have to be to be actively involved in the fire department?

You can join the children's fire department at the age of 6, for the youth fire department you have to be 10 years old and for the adults it starts at the age of 16.

Can women also join the fire department?

Of course, women are always welcome. They may/must perform the same work as the male comrades. Can of course also attend the same training courses.

How long does it take for the fire department to arrive in the event of an alarm??

In an emergency situation, it often happens to injured parties or eyewitnesses that,

As if it would take an eternity until help arrives.

Compared to the rescue service, for example, whose employees are permanently employed and immediately ready for action, the volunteer fire department needs more time.

Please keep in mind, however, that as volunteer and honorary firefighters, we have also just been working, shopping, playing sports, sleeping in bed at night, etc.

Nevertheless, after an emergency call it takes only approx. 3 – 5 minutes until the first emergency vehicle leaves. The comrades are immediately alerted by the dispatcher at the control center in Stadthagen by DME (digital message receiver) and, depending on the size of the damage, by siren. They have to drive to the fire station, put on their uniforms and get into the fire truck. Depending upon distance to the place of action then again approx. 1 to 5 minutes until the fire department arrives at the scene of the incident.

A special feature is the Fire chief on duty. Depending on what has happened, it can be additionally alerted by the control center to a mission.

With the local fire-brigade Bückeburg city it drives separately beforehand the employment place with its employment vehicle to. Thereby he has a "small Projection. Can perform initial position sensing. This helps him to better deploy the arriving vehicles and to more quickly send a bearing feedback to the

To the control center or. To call for additional emergency forces and resources.

The fire chief on duty is an experienced firefighter with appropriate training. He always has his emergency vehicle with him. Can therefore reach the scene of the incident very quickly.

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