Which attractions and if any

One Phuket island tour is a fine thing and you can do it in two different ways: As a booked tour in an air-conditioned minibus or coach, together with many other tourists or on your own with the rented car or motorcycle/scooter. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

With the booked tours you can be sure to see all possible tourist attractions like temples, snake or crocodile farms, pearl farms and viewpoints on Phuket.

The disadvantage, whichever way you look at it, are the annoying visits to the handicraft and silk stores or other stores, where you are supposed to buy something so that the tour operator can collect his commission afterwards.

Which attractions and if necessary. Also events are included in the individual tours, you can find out in the countless small travel agencies on the beaches or at the tour desk in the hotel, where the tours are sold.

If you go on your own, you can be sure to find beaches and corners of Phuket that no other tourist gets to see.

The road network on Phuket has been intensively expanded and improved in recent years, so that today you can easily drive along the beautiful beaches on the west coast of Phuket, from Nai Harn Beach, in the very south of the island, up to beaches in the north and near the airport of Phuket.

A few years ago, most of these roads, especially north of Patong Beach were unpaved dirt roads and could be driven at best only with all-terrain vehicles.

For a Island tour on your own, it is best to get a map of the island, which you can buy in all souvenir stores and supermarkets on the island, and think about which beaches, waterfalls and other tourist attractions you would like to see, and then the next day off you go..

Since Phuket is connected to the mainland by a bridge, tours to the neighboring provinces of Phang Nga or Krabi are also possible, but that would no longer be an island tour.

If you have fought your way along the beaches from the south to the north or vice versa, you can drive back on one of the highways in the middle of the island, away from the coast. But you have to watch out for the traffic, because most accidents happen on these roads.

Please also note the warnings under Motorcycle Tours on Phuket and Motorcycle Rentals on Phuket. These tips are also valid for driving on Phuket and Thailand. Thais can get the driving license de facto without much driving lessons. Accordingly is often driven.

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