What is the function of the axle suspension.

What is the function of the axle suspension? How does the axle suspension work. How to recognize a defect?
How does the axle suspension actually work, how does a defect become noticeable and what is there to consider when repairing or replacing it?? We have taken a closer look at this below.

How does the axle suspension work?

If the engine is arranged transversely to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, then the torque via helical gears transferred to the drive shafts of the front wheels. If the engine is longitudinally mounted, then torque is transmitted from the clutch in the engine block through a helical bevel/spider gear combination to a prop shaft longitudinally along the axle of the vehicle.

This ends thereby in a plate wheel in the Differential gear. In simplified form, the bevel gears of the drive shafts of equal length branching off at right angles to the wheels engage in the crown wheel. The Transmission ratio is 2.5 to 4 for passenger cars, so that the greatest torque arrives at the drive shafts then.

What is the function of the axle suspension.

The image of the components of the car suspension from car parts.En

The differential gear always supplies both wheels with the same power, even if the Rotational speeds (for example in curves) are not the same. In the case of four-wheel drive cars, the difference speed of rotation of both front and rear axles compensated by a central or a longitudinal differential. A differential gear is lubricated by immersion lubrication, in which the ring gear is immersed in an oil filling and atomizes it into the finest droplets. At the end of the drive shaft, a cardan joint with spline teeth, protected by an axle sleeve, transmits torque to the wheel.

Dangers of a defective axle boot

A defective Axle boot allows the grease contained in it to dry out or foreign bodies to enter, resulting in noise or destruction of the universal joint. To avoid Maximum running smoothness to make sure that the differential ring gear and bevel gear are replaced together and their backlash is adjusted with a dial gauge according to the stamped values.

Defects of the axle and the axle drive

If Axle and axle drive If the axle is no longer functioning properly, this may be due to wear or mechanical damage to the gears, the transverse differential or to a Wear of the seals lie. Likewise, the limited slip differential could be damaged or mechanical damage to the axle itself.

Another defect that should not be neglected is the occurrence of corrosion and oxidation on the corresponding components.

Signs of defects of the axle and axle drive

There are some points and symptoms by which a Axle drive defect can be detected. If, for example, noise can be heard in the transmission case when driving fast, the differential is losing oil, or the transmission is heating up excessively, attention is required. In this case, the axle and the axle drive should be checked more precisely become.

Other signs can also be decisive for a defect:

– Ground vibrations while driving
– The bearings are wobbly
– The axle is sluggish
– Bending or deformation of the axle as well as the adjacent parts

Causes for a defective axle and axle drive

But what could Cause of a defect and how this could be prevented in advance? The most important points here are:

– A wear of the gears
– An insufficient lubrication of the differential and all rotating elements
– contamination of seals
– Wear of seals
– Too sporty, rough or. Aggressive driving
– Damage due to an accident or carelessness
– Loosened brackets
– Disproportionate wear on the clutch (e.G. In case of too rough operation)

Diagnosis: How to recognize a defect?

The Condition of the axle and differential can be detected without a special tool. With a jack, a pit or also with a road train you control all relevant parts on condition, as well as movability. Pay attention to the lubrication from the rear axle (for cars with a rear-wheel drive) or the front axle (for cars with a front-wheel drive). If oil spots appear on the axle or differential, then it is necessary to close the gaps, as well as refill oil. The complete system should be all 50.000 to 75.000 kilometers check.

Repair and replacement of the axles and the axle drive

This repair is difficult and it requires usually the help of several people. Therefore, a workshop should also be visited for the repair. It should be noted that the Gear wheels can only be replaced as a pair are, so that no uneven wear, as well as a subsequent failure of the mentioned components occurs.

The exchange of the differential requires an appropriate knowledge, as well as a special tool, therefore it is also not recommended to do this yourself. Also a repair of the housing, as well as the elimination of gaps should be left to experts. The axle should be exchanged only with visible damage, as well as deformations. In addition, their service life is unlimited.

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