What do i have to bear in mind when changing tires?.

What do i have to bear in mind when changing tires?.

Since a winter tire obligation exists in Germany, the tire change at least twice in the year results. Those who can do it trust their hands and expertise; those who want to save themselves time, effort and black hands visit a workshop. A short tire change guide you get for all cases on car workshop.En.

When you should change tires is determined on the one hand by their wear and on the other hand by the seasons. You should have the wear checked by a professional who has the necessary experience and expertise to do so. In terms of the time of year it is recommended Change to winter tires for the period between mid-October and mid-November. For changing tires in the spring, the time after Easter is suitable, since especially in southern Germany at this time still snowfall is to be expected. Knowledge about changing tires can also help in the event of a vehicle breakdown. So how to properly change tires and what tools are necessary for this, you will learn below.

Preparations for changing tires

You need the following tools to be able to change the tires. If it is not present, there are additional costs for their acquisition when changing tires. A wheel spider and a jack are part of the basic equipment of every car and should therefore be available. An impact wrench and a lifting platform, which are usually only available to professionals for quick tire service, can make the work much easier. A torque wrench is best suited for tightening the bolts, which is the Size of tires can be adjusted accordingly, preventing them from overtightening the screws. However, it does not always belong to the standard on-board tools of a vehicle. If so, the quality is often poor.

Removing the wheel when changing the tire

To change tires, park the vehicle on a flat surface to prevent the car from rolling away dangerously. The handbrake should be firmly applied. A gear should be engaged. Next, carefully remove hubcaps, as far as they are present, or. The caps of the alloy rims. With the wheel cross, you can now start to loosen the wheel bolts or studs crosswise. If the bolts cannot be loosened, you can also stand on the wheel cross and help with your own weight. The next step in the Change of tires is to put the jack at the designated place on the car. The vehicle should always be lifted only so far, until the wheel, which is changed, has some air under itself.

Mounting the wheel while changing the tire

After the wheel has been removed, clean the contact surface with brake cleaner or a wire brush. Now lower the wheel so that it just rests on the wheel cross. The assembly takes place afterwards crosswise. Please pay attention here to the correct running direction. The screws are first tightened slightly with the wheel cross. Very favorable when changing tires is the use of a torque wrench, with which the actual tightening is done ideally. If it is set to the tightening torque of the particular type of vehicle, the screws can not be overtightened, which ensures that the thread remains intact. This torque is very important when changing the Tires of a scooter lower than for a passenger car. You should pay attention to it, because a damage of the thread can lead in the worst case to the loss of the tire at full speed.

If you are unsure of how to use the tool or simply do not have the time or inclination, you can also have the tires changed by a specialist. It guarantees that the new tires are professionally tightened, they do not take an unnecessary safety risk. In the meantime, many garages offer the service of having your summer or. Putting winter tires in storage. So if you're looking for a professional in your area, here's where you can go to auto repair shop.De can be found quickly and easily!

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