What counts as a waiting semester.

What counts as a waiting semester.

It is the application period for the winter semester. Since almost all degree programs now start in the winter semester, you should not miss the important deadlines. Otherwise you have to wait one year! If you have the following basic information on how to apply for a course of study in mind and your school-leaving grade average meets the requirements of the universities, nothing can happen to you.

1. Admission restriction and application deadlines

You can divide degree programs in Germany into three different groups:

Nationwide admission-restricted courses of study and allocation of study places in the service procedure

– There are courses of study which are subject to admission restrictions throughout Germany. The allocation of study places in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine is carried out by hochschulstart.De coordinated. The same applies to admission-restricted courses of study at universities and universities of applied sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia that voluntarily participate in the service procedure. More information on the hochschulstart website.En>

Attention: Old and new high school graduates have different application deadlines! "Old high school graduates are all those who have obtained their Abitur or Fachhochschulreife before the current year. The deadline for applications is 31 December. May. "New high school graduates" have received their Abitur within the current year and therefore have time until the 15. July with an application time.

Attention: This is only a small part of the study offer! The universities themselves regulate the application process for the majority of their degree programs.

Courses of study with internal admissions restrictions

– Very many study programs at German universities have a local NC (numerus clausus). In these cases, the application is addressed directly to the university. The period is usually between the 15.05. And the 15.07.

Attention: Some universities also differentiate between old and new graduates in terms of local NC. Always check with the university's student advising service for the exact deadlines.

Attention: Even for degree programs with internal admissions restrictions, the allocation of study places by hochschulstart can be.De be coordinated.
Admission free study programs

– If you meet the admission requirements, you can simply enroll in admission-restricted programs of study. Normally, no prior application to the university is necessary. However, additional documents may still be required. This means that it is advisable to contact the university as early as possible. If the degree programs start in the winter semester, the application period is between 15.05. And the 15.09.

Important information about the application The date of receipt at the university is always decisive for an application, not the postmark.

2. Application documents

Documents that must be submitted by the respective application deadline are:

– The completed application form for the application to the study program
– Proof of university entrance qualification: – General university entrance qualification – University of applied sciences entrance qualification – Subject-specific university entrance qualification (graduation from a specialized high school, vocational high school, specialized academy, etc.).)
– For master's programs, proof of a bachelor's, master's, or diploma degree is also required
Depending on the course of study and the applicant's background, additional documents may be required:

– Certificate recognition: in case the certificate is not generally valid
– Proof of a preliminary internship
– Portfolio or aptitude test
– University transfer students: Certificate of enrollment and proof of academic achievement
Most universities offer an online application procedure on their websites.

3. The numerus clausus

The NC value is not a fixed value. It changes every semester and it is different at every university and for every subject. Calculated by the number of available study places in relation to the number of applications (Abitur grade and waiting period). If a program is very popular, the NC is high.

What counts as a waiting semester?
Every semester that the school graduate was not enrolled in a university after graduating from high school counts as a waiting semester. You do not have to register for this anywhere. The waiting semesters count automatically. Normally there is a certain number of study places for applicants with waiting semesters at each university.

The myth of improved NC through waiting semesters is unfortunately not true. The grade on the certificate remains unchanged, however, the chances of a place at university improve with waiting semesters.

4. Enrollment

If it worked out with the application, each future student gets a notice that he can enroll. The universities require various documents for enrollment. To be presented:

– Proof of insurance from the health insurance company
– University entrance qualification
– Evidence of internships or aptitude tests (if required)
– Knowledge of foreign languages (if required)
– Identity card
Do I have to appear in person for enrollment (matriculation)??
Personal appearance is required for enrollment at some universities. To find out whether enrollment by a person of trust with power of attorney is possible, contact your local student advising center.

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