What connects you with the object.

How do you keep them in order at home?? And how with minimalism? Do you dream of a manageable, well-stocked and airy home? Do you perhaps (also) have the feeling to suffocate in your stuff and clutter from time to time? Do you celebrate Marie Kondo and Co. And still you can't really part with all the small (useless) things?

The solution for your clutter

We have an idea how you can deal with your beloved, but rarely used, maybe given things, to which old memories are attached! Keep them a bit. Let them go. But how to do it? – Little sneak peak: Easier than you think! You just need a little time, some creativity and the willingness to let go a bit – then you get things in order! You must -. Want! – Don't lose all the beautiful memories completely. They stay with you – just in a different form. Our suggestion is to create your own magazine in which you can collect all the things you love, but which have no place in your current life and living space, and keep them with you in a space-saving way

What connects you with the object.

Let's go! – Take photos

The first step is to gather all the things that are just taking up space and collecting dust. Ask yourself – quite Marie-Kondo-like – if they make you friends and then decide if you need them any longer. Then you need your smartphone or a good camera and a small studio. A well-lit table – natural light is the way to go, if possible – is the foundation. Then you take pictures piece by piece: children's drawings, porcelain figurines, the platform shoes of your youth, the unworn costume jewelry necklace, the old soccer ball, etc. What do you photograph?

This is how it continues! – Create a magazine

Then create a new magazine in the Jilster Editor. First define an arbitrary number of pages – you can adjust them later at any time! Then decide on a layout. Take any design from the magazine templates you find in the editor and use the page design you like best. You add these to each of the pages. You can change colors and fonts as you like and adjust them to your taste. Then you upload the photos of your "sweetheart. Write a short text about it. What connects you with the object? Who gave it to you? What memories do you associate with it? Put everything in the lines next to it. Pay attention to how you place the photos and text. Arrange the items according to topics or chronologically. Or perhaps by colors? It's best to plan this first. Afterwards you proofread your self-designed magazine again. Then you send the print job to us. We recommend for your Krampelmagazin either a hard bound book or a glossy magazine. So you can enjoy it for a long time!

Afterwards you give away the sorted out things of course. Give them to the flea market, to a diaconal store, put a gift box in front of the door … Here we go!

Do you still need assistance?

Have our tips helped you? Do you have any questions for us? Send us a message. We are happy to help you!

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