Weight loss tips thoughts and little tricks that make weight loss easier

Weight loss tips thoughts and little tricks that make weight loss easier

The year always begins with good intentions: Lose weight, exercise more, smoke less. Still keep your good intentions? It is almost classic knowledge that many people start the first of January with good intentions – losing weight, not smoking and the like – but give up by the first of February at the latest. Many gyms experience a real run in the first week of January, actually accepting many more members than they accommodate in the club, knowing full well that by the first of February at the latest, the gym will be empty again. Srikumar Rao, professor of economics at Berkeley University, also knows exactly why: sudden, drastic changes in habitual behavior require a hard fight and toughness against oneself, a fight that ultimately makes you unhappy because it doesn't get to the root of the problem: thinking! The resulting dissatisfaction, the lack of well-being in the fight against smoking, the extra pounds or the lack of exercise eventually leads to the abandonment of good intentions.

Change in behavior requires change in thinking
Who wants to decrease, looks usually dissatisfied on its body. Here are places that are perceived as unattractive, there is dissatisfaction with the perceived lack of attractiveness. A lot of voices buzz around in your head, and none of them are friendly: "You're too fat" "Look at that flabby butt and fat belly", "How could you gain so much weight", "How are you going to find a partner like that", and so on, and so on. The body becomes the enemy. This makes losing weight not a pleasurable thing, but a war against yourself. Your body has carried you through life, helped you to enjoy (yes, even the chocolate), you may be lucky to be able to stand and walk on your legs, you are lucky to be able to exercise, you can use sight and your other senses. Your body is something to be thankful for, because through it you feel life. So the first thing that needs to change is the negative inner voices. Stop punishing or belittling yourself internally for the extra weight. Stop the negative voices and replace them with kind and encouraging words, such as "I'm grateful to be healthy" "I can eat healthy if I want to" "I can do this". Throw the rearview mirror out the window – in the sense: I no longer have to accuse myself for the past.

The second step is to be clear about the opinions and supposed realities that make up our worldview regarding weight loss, slimness and health. Is really only a XXXS model beautiful? Does "everyone" really only find extremely slim people attractive?? How about the people around me? Will I really automatically become a happy person when I reach weight X?? Do not let your reality be ruled by movies and magazines. You yourself create your world – do it actively.

The third step is to be clear about why you want to lose weight. What do I want to achieve when I lose weight?? Is weight loss the right way to do it? Do I want to fit into an ideal? I just want to get fitter. Feel better? If it is about the latter, then you are on the right track. Losing weight and exercising more should be about improving your well-being, not about achieving some unrealistic goal, like having a model body or being loved by everyone.

Policy of small steps
Let's say her best friend, daughter or sister has put on some weight, hasn't exercised properly in years and isn't feeling very well at the moment. Would you advise her to take part in a marathon run? Do not? Then why do it with yourself? Real changes are possible only by small steps. Don't expect yourself to become fit, slim and toned overnight. This is not possible. It took you some time to get into this condition – it will not be gone in a few days. Start slowly and aim for a permanent change. A positive attitude is essential, as well as noticing the first positive effects. You've accomplished a lot if you've gone from being a couch potato to someone who can climb four flights of stairs without gasping. Even if you have not yet reached your target weight. Celebrate your successes!

Tips for slimming
Dietary changes take time: so start with small changes. Drink 1.5 liters of water per day. You will be amazed at how much better you will feel. Eat fruits or vegetables five times a day, preferably raw. Use rice as a side dish – whole grain rice if you like it – instead of chips or other high-fat foods. Use olive oil or another type of oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Limit your portions. Pay attention to their saturation feeling. Refrain from slackening. When preparing food, make sure to use a low-fat cooking method: grilling, steaming, cooking in broth or wine. Treat yourself to dessert only once a week. Build training sessions into your daily routine. At first, walking fast for ten to fifteen minutes a day is enough; later, incorporate more exercise into your daily routine. And above all: do not do everything at once. Water, fruit and fifteen minutes of exercise is enough for the first week. After just a few days you will feel fitter. And that is the point!

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