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Which warranty claim is entitled to the consumer with purchase of a used car with a dealer?

Since the 1. January 2005, a statutory liability for material defects applies to used cars purchased from a professional dealer.

The warranty period of one year is divided into two periods, starting from the date of delivery of the vehicle:

During the first six months:

By law, the seller is liable within the first six months after delivery for all defects that the car had at the time of handover. Rework in the context of the material defect liability is free for the buyer.

After the first six months:

If the buyer notices a material defect more than six months after the delivery date, he is obliged to prove that the defect already existed at the time of delivery. Only then the salesman is obligated to appropriate rework.

These improvements assume a reasonable balance between the solution offered by the seller and the condition of the vehicle (age, mileage, etc.), …)

Application of the warranty:

-> as soon as the buyer discovers a material defect, he must inform the seller> in case of a justified and timely reported material defect, the seller must restore the vehicle to the condition it had or should have had at the time of delivery. -> the rework may be carried out with both replacement and new spare parts> The touch-up work must be carried out in the seller's workshop. Any warranty claim expires for work carried out in another workshop.

Warranty: CarGarantie for new cars, half-year cars, annual cars and used cars

Driving pleasure with a good feeling

Buying a used car is a matter of trust. That is why we do not compromise here. Your vehicle has been thoroughly inspected. Professionally refurbished. But even with careful care, repair cases can occur. So that you are not left behind in the event of unexpected repair costs, we make you an offer: With the used car warranty from CarGarantie, you are reliably protected from financial surprises.

Benefits that pay off: – Comprehensive repair cost protection – Liquidity protection in the event of repairs – Europe-wide validity – High planning security – Increase in value of your vehicle – No financial advance payments in the event of a warranty claim

Fast service is our strength

What to do if a warranty case occurs? Quite simply: In the inland you turn to us. We repair the damage. Bill directly with CarGarantie. For you, this means convenient. Uncomplicated support. And if we are not directly on site, report the warranty case to the 24-hour hotline of CarGarantie. The repair can then be carried out in any authorized workshop of the brand driven – Europe-wide.

Overview of which assemblies are included in your warranty coverage:

– Engine – Manual/automatic transmission – Axle/transfer case – Transmission – Steering – Brake system – Fuel system – Electrical system – Cooling system – Exhaust system – Safety systems – Air conditioning – Comfort electrical system

How to put the brakes on repair costs

In the case of warranty, CarGarantie will pay for the full cost of labor and materials, of course, even if there are multiple damages to your vehicle. Only from a total mileage specified in the warranty conditions, you make a value-based contribution to the cost of materials, staggered according to the actual kilometers driven. For more information. In order for your repair cost protection to take effect, you must comply with the care and maintenance intervals prescribed by the manufacturer. Talk to us, we will be happy to do this work for you. For almost 50 years, CG Car-Garantie Versicherungs-AG has been one of the leading insurance companies in Germany. Most experienced warranty specialists in Europe. Most well-known manufacturers and importers as well as around 23.000 qualified car dealerships of all brands work with CarGarantie. Trust in our competence. We and CarGarantie will reliably support you in the event of a warranty claim.

More value for your car

When you choose a warranty from CarGarantie, you receive your personal warranty documents. This has real advantages for you, which pay off not least with a resale: – The CarGarantie documents certify your warranty claim. – You document the regular workshop maintenance of your car. – In the event of a change of owner within the warranty period, the warranty is transferable.

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