Tips for car financing

Think about financing a car? We have a few tips around the car loan. The purchase of a car. How much may the car cost. How to pay it off?First set the limit: what is the maximum amount you want to spend on a car? Then think about the best way to choose the installments. Basically, you should find a good middle ground between installment amount and repayment duration. The installments should not be too high, so that you still have a buffer for financial emergencies. Choose the duration but also not too long. Otherwise you will have to pay off a car at some point that you will no longer be able to drive. To ensure that you are covered in the event of unemployment or other unforeseen events, you can also take out a residual debt insurance policy. This will take over the repayment of your loan installments in the event of a claim.

How to insure the vehicle properly?

A car is an important commodity. Many people depend on a car to get to work every day. Make absolutely sure that your car is appropriate – i.E., depending on the age of the vehicle, the mileage, etc. – is insured. Otherwise, in the event of serious damage, you risk needing a new car but not being able to afford one because you still have to pay off the old one. Who is insured. May drive the car?The cheapest car insurance is when only one driver is specified in it. If the spouse is co-insured, this is usually not yet a significant factor. If the number of people increases further or is even specified as unlimited, the costs can rise sharply. In particular, if novice drivers are also insured, the policy often becomes significantly more expensive. Here it is worthwhile to compare offers and to check which variant is suitable and cheapest for you.

When is a good time to buy a car??

You should also consider the season when buying a car. In the winter many people change to the car, then the number of visitors in car dealerships increases. In the summer it is often quieter at the car dealerships. Some have special offers during this time. In addition, it also depends on whether you want to buy a new car or a convertible, for example, which is the most convenient time to visit the dealer.

What is the advantage of financing through a car dealer??

Often you can count on very good conditions if you finance your car directly at the dealership. It also saves you the separate trip to the bank. You simply apply for the loan through the dealer, who in turn works with a bank. This is also how it works with car dealers who cooperate with Creditplus Bank.

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