The car

The car

The car insurance is available on every street corner, in many internet portals, car dealers etc. And because it seems that anyone can do this, it seems to be quite simple. However, you should ask yourself the following questions before you organize motor insurance from anywhere:

Does insurance pay in case of gross negligence? Anyone who exceeds the speed limit by more than 25 km/h or runs a red light is guilty of gross negligence. The insurance company does not have to pay or only partially.

Does the insurance pay for marten damage? Many insurers pay nothing here, some only damage to the wiring. No benefits are provided for damage to hoses, insulation material or other parts. With us you get the damage paid.

Does the insurance pay for consequential damages of marten bites? Agregates always go through a bitten cable. Control parts broken up to engine damage after loss of cooling water. There is almost no insurer in Germany that pays for it.

Does the insurance company make a deduction New for Old? Still many insurers deduct a "value increase new for old" in addition to the deductible. A sheet metal part on your car, which was damaged by accident, is replaced by a new one.

Does the insurance pay only for furred game or for animals of all kinds? A pet or a bird is not a furred animal. A cat z.B. Can easily cause a damage of several thousand € to your car. Believe that the pet owner comes forward voluntarily and asks you to take over the claim? Does the insurance pay for added value on your car? Many insurers still reimburse only the basic equipment of the car in case of damage. Anyone who has looked at surcharge lists from car manufacturers knows that many thousands of € of special equipment are in almost every vehicle. Too bad if in that case you only get paid basic equipment.

Does the insurance company pay for the repair even in your specialized workshop? Some insurers or. Rates do not pay if you take your vehicle to a professional repair shop. Here it is mandatory that you take your vehicle to a repair shop that you do not determine, but one that the insurer tells you to go to.

If there is an upgrade in the event of a claim? You can include a discount saver in the contract. Have a claim free every year.

How is the classification of your children? With many insurers the classification of the children with 230% takes place. Detours as a second car of the parents with 140% or 85% are then always chosen. Disadvantage: The contract always runs through the parents. With us, your child can immediately take out a 55% car insurance policy in his or her own name. Prerequisite is only that a motor vehicle contract exists over a parent.

How does the insurer classify a second car? With us with 55%.

Can you clarify a claim on the spot or do you have to handle the whole process yourself by email or fax? Is it then important for you whether your claim is settled after one or after four weeks?

Ask your previous insurer whether it has included all these services. Or if you are looking for your car insurance on the Internet, have you considered these points when choosing an insurer? No? But maybe you should.

By the continuing GEIZ IST GEIL – mentality worse and worse KFZ- products are brought on the market. The products of some insurers are getting worse and worse in order to become cheaper every year and to be the cheapest in Internet portals. Benefits are reduced. Subject to conditions. There is only one goal: It should be paid as little as possible in case of damage to you. The deterioration is so cleverly packaged that you should not recognize it at first glance!

The payment mentality of some insurers has already resulted in the fact that car repair shops have no confidence in some insurers and only begin with the repair after settlement by the insurer. For example, cars with minor repairs are sometimes not repaired for 4 or 6 weeks.

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