Tested the 2022 bmw 7 series has behind its wide open grille serious power

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Tested the 2022 bmw 7 series has behind its wide open grille serious power

Tested: The 2020 BMW 7 Series has serious power behind its wide-open grille

This rating has been updated with test results for the 750i xDrive model.

More than a little embarrassing, the new BMW 7 series grille. The last car we can think of with a grille so big it couldn't stand in front of the car and had to be cut open in the hood was the 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass – and everyone agrees that 1970s Oldsmobiles were tasteful photos. .

Again, of course, a taller grille can hold more air – think of the difference between slurping a soda through a straw and pouring beer down your gullet from an Oktoberfest stone. The official explanation for the V-8-powered 750i xDrive upgrades is a redesign of the crankcase and more, but the grille at least hints at the car's 2020 performance upgrade. Base six-cylinder 740i, all 7 now have all-wheel drive.) This is not the 40 percent increase that the scale on this grille represents, but with 523 hp and 553 Nm of torque, the new Otto surpasses its predecessor with 80 hp and 74 Nm of torque.

Not that the car needs it. With all four Pirelli P Zeros – 245 / 45R-20 front and 275 / 35R-20 rear – used at launch, our 750i xDrive test car reached 60 mph in 4.0 seconds. And activated the 12.5-second quarter-mile time lights at 113 miles per hour. Remember that this is not a sports car. That's two and a half tons of luxury sedan (4878 pounds to be exact). But it makes a damn good impression of a straight sports car. The maximum torque ranges from 1.800 to 4.600 rpm, and with the excellent eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF, the engine never gets out of gear. BMW's upgraded V8 can also be relatively efficient: despite averaging 18 MPG in our test (2 MPG less than the combined EPA estimate), our example showed 29 MPG in our highway fuel economy test at 75, mph, which is 4 MPG better. Compared to his official highway record.

This first encounter with the redesigned 7 Series also gave us a brief opportunity to drive the new 745e plug-in hybrid. The fire-powered half of the powertrain equation jumps from last year's four-cylinder to BMW's 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six. The BMW Inline Six is the smoothest gas burner we know of. It makes the best impression of an electric motor of all the internal combustion engines on the market today, and therefore fits perfectly with a real electric motor. There is some noise between the electrical output and the combustion output, but there is little vibration entering the passenger compartment when all six ignite.

A 12.0-kWh battery provides an electric range of about 35 miles, although engineers tell us the actual figure is more than they are legally allowed to claim. Regulations in some countries require automakers to charge only as many miles as they can guarantee the battery will deliver after 10 years, so there is some leeway in this figure to account for inevitable battery deterioration. . But in terms of the second type of power, the six-base hybrid system sees increases of 67 hp and 73 lb-ft for a total of 389 and. 442 before. This seems to be a step forward.

In a BMW series, which often contradicts the BMW we know and love (known and loved?), the 7 remains a polarizing car. For one thing, outside the Rolls showroom, it makes the best impression of all cars of a Rolls-Royce. In unsprung mode, however, the white-blue circle seems to belong to the hood. Even with standard adaptive dampers. Air springs at all four corners none of the suspension settings feel good enough. So once again (so back to the first hand?): The 750i xDrive has 0.88 g of side grip on the ski pad, and if a 7-Series buyer really wants to drive something as maneuverable as an M3, they'll probably use it. "M3, what a day instead. Or whatever is in the six-figure sedan in the garage.

If they pick the 7 of people who have lots of cars, they'll keep misplacing them with the keys – let's imagine it's not the same random pile in the junk drawer we use – the BMW is a snug cocoon. There's plenty of room front and back, and the Executive Lounge rear-seat package is so nifty that it even opens a table from the center console. The drinks, it should be noted, are not free of charge. The main technical updates accompanying this redesign are the infotainment system's voice control – by default it responds to "Hey BMW," but can be customized with any name the owner deems appropriate – and the industry's newest absolutely non-automated driving system. . The latter is called Extended Traffic Jam Assistant and drives the car indefinitely at speeds below 60 km / h on divided highways, as long as the dashcam can see that the driver's eyes are on the road. And BMW's useless gesture control system now responds to more commands, but still won't let you program your gestures. Soon the children. Soon.

And when can you get your shaky / greasy / silky gloved hands on a 2020 Series 7? Soon. O nu-ish. The 750i xDrive costs from 103.645 US dollars, the hybrid from 96.545 US dollars. The low-end 740i model costs 87.445 US dollars. The top-of-the-line M760i with V-12 powertrain costs 158.695 U.S. Dollars.445 US dollars and the top model M760i with V-12 drive costs 158.695 US dollars.

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