Sending large amounts of data

Thick PostHave you also been annoyed by an error message when attaching pictures or a video clip in the mail? Mostly only up to ten megabytes are allowed. The solution: Numerous data exchange and cloud services offer free around two gigabytes of space, frontrunners even around the 15 gigabytes. The latter is enough for some photo albums or for example the wedding video.

Without registration

The online service We Transfer has the fewest hurdles. On its website you can send content with a file size of up to two gigabytes to your friends and relatives within a few seconds. Fortunately, this is even possible without annoying registration. Simply click on Add Files and select the desired content, then enter the e-mail addresses of the sender and recipient and click the transfer button. The recipient receives a notification e-mail with a link to download the files. If the capacity of two gigabytes is not enough, the Pro version offers up to 20 gigabytes capacity. This costs around ten francs per month. The offer also includes features such as password-protected shipping.

Filing and transfer

Cloud storage services like Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or Dropbox are also suitable for sharing large files. From Dropbox there is an app for computers or mobile devices. After you have downloaded the app and registered, your own folder is created. Content stored here is automatically uploaded to online storage. Up to two gigabytes of capacity are free per account. The storage space can be expanded for a fee. When you log in to the website, you can share individual files or entire folders via right-click. Either you invite the recipient to collaborate on the document or you send a link, as in We Transfer. The latter is perfectly sufficient if the contents are only to be viewed. The recipient can then view and download the file without having an account with the service used.

Security tips

European or Swiss Clouds

Those who distrust American services after the NSA scandal should look for online storage solutions from Europe. One of them is MyDrive, which is operated by the company Softronics in Jona/SG. The data is transmitted in encrypted form, the servers are located in Switzerland and are thus subject to the much stricter data protection laws compared to the USA. The service works similarly to Dropbox, but only offers 100 megabytes of storage in the free variant. Additional capacity must be purchased. In addition, each receiver must be registered as a guest user. Only one is included in the free version.

Crypto software

Those who place less value on data protection and want more convenience or capacity are better off with the big US providers. But with a little trick, you can protect your content even here: Download the German encryption software Cloudfogger for this purpose. This encrypts all data for free before syncing it to services like Dropbox. After registration, a separate folder is created in which all files are automatically encrypted and thus stored unreadable for unauthorized persons. Sharing with friends, on the other hand, is not hindered by Cloudfogger.

Convertible PC

Tablet and notebook

Sending large amounts of data

Point of View's convertible notebook has two modes of use: if you pull off the keyboard, you can use the device as a tablet. This means that it can be used both for writing a text and as a surfing station, or as a second TV screen on the sofa. Inside the notebook works an Intel Atom processor with up to 1.83 GHz, the memory capacity is 32 GByte. The display is ten inches. Offers a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The convertible notebook doesn't only connect to the internet via WLAN, but also via a SIM card with 3G wire-less if desired. The operating system is Windows 10.

The Point of View TAB-P1006WKB-3G is designed for fr. 229. Available at Fust.

App tip

Corrupt City

Sending large amounts of data

Toni Cipriani, former Leone sidekick, returns to Liberty City. He was in hiding after being wanted for the murder of a mafia boss. The city is in sheer chaos, with rival clans vying for supremacy and the city threatening to self-destruct through a tide of corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking and unionized strikes. Toni tries, against the resistance of various villains, to bring the city under the control of the Leones. The new version of GTA has been improved, especially in terms of graphics and controls.

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