Scheibe’s column underwear made of aluminum foil

Scheibe's column underwear made of aluminum foil

I nodded in agreement at the wheel. Finally it speaks out times one. The condensation streaks of the government airplanes in the sky let the senses fogging aluminum oxalate rain down on us all day long, so that we become stupid enough in the head to continue to pay our taxes dutifully.

And what do they do with our money? They invent fracking in Bielefeld. HAARP plants in Antarctica. With this, they want to manipulate the weather in the long run, so that it gets hotter and hotter in Germany. And what happens when we sweat like tourists at the beach of El Arenal? Then they patent our water. In the end, a sip from the tap costs more than a tank of gas for the car. They are not stupid: petroleum will soon run out, but if water could be made much more expensive, then the rich can still become much richer in the future.

By the way, the chemtrail car disappeared yesterday. Those were surely the secret action troops of the companies. They fish away at night all who think otherwise.

And why do they have to catch more and more people? Well, because the number of vaccinations is declining. There vomit the corporations. Because who is vaccinated once with these devil chemicals, who doesn't get upset anymore his whole life. He is dozing off nicely and watches RTL, as it is wanted by those up there. Only those who refuse all vaccinations and relegate those oh-so-dangerous bacteria and viruses to the realm of fantasy where they belong will remain awake enough to realize that we can only keep our minds fit with vegan food, phone energy work and hot yoga.

When I saw that the car with the warning sign disappeared, I got scared. I threw my cell phone into the river Spree on the same day, so that they no longer know where I am and what I am doing. Because we already know that for every blameless citizen there is a secret service agent in Germany, in America, in Iran and also in Israel, who observes us the whole day around the clock. Just imagine: For every citizen there are FOUR secret service agents. Who will pay for all this? Sure, that's what they do with the profit from the sale of water.

But throwing away your cell phone is not enough, let me tell you that. Come all much closer, I must whisper now. They – still – have – the – satellites! Yes, really. They are so good, they can count the lice on your head from above. But in the meantime I also trick them. With – aluminum foil in the underpants. It repels all rays from space. Even increases fertility by the way. Because it has suffered quite a bit in recent years. By the way, fresh fruit is to blame for this, as has now been discovered. This is chemically treated by the government. For this reason, the population strata with particularly low IQs reproduce significantly better, because they gladly exchange fresh fruit for bagged soups. And as you can see, this trick works perfectly: The doofuses are becoming more and more.

The good thing is: Once you have started to leave the path of the truth given by "those up there", it is always easier to open up to new ideas. Because actually the human body does not have to follow the cycle of eating and being eaten. It can live like the plant also alone from the light, one must only want. I know, I am still at the very beginning. After an hour of eating light, I'm already hungry for a chocolate bar again.

I guess I just have to keep up this new diet for a few weeks to become enlightened. This also increases my chance immensely to be collected by our ancestors from Alpha Centauri. For it is already written in the bible that we are descended from aliens. And I never believed that about evolution anyway. We come from the primordial slime? Such a cheese! If you believe in this, you also believe in the big bang, in curve discussions and that craftsmen don't botch things.

When it comes to the great Armageddon, the aliens will take us home to their planet. But this is only true for those who are pure in spirit by then, no longer listen to Helene Fischer music, unscrew their painted artificial nails and drink only organic lemonade.

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