Relaxed to the suitable construction financing

Relaxed to the suitable construction financing

Relaxed to the right construction financing – What are the advantages of a mortgage broker?? We explain it to you!Anyone who has to finance a major purchase because the available equity capital is not sufficient is often faced with an important question: Should I arrange a consultation with a bank advisor or have a financing comparison carried out by a financial broker?? Here are some reasons why you should choose a financial intermediary you can trust. It doesn't matter whether you need construction financing or want to buy a high-quality car.

Ten reasons that speak for the qualified financial intermediary:

1. Individual advice 2. Comprehensive advice 3. High market knowledge 4. Independence from banks, building societies and other lenders 5. Customer interest in focus 6. Risk-reward analysis 7. More than 300 credit institutions compared 8. Simple research with significant time savings 9. Individual pre-selection 10. Renegotiation with a high degree of customer orientation

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1. Individual advice

A financial intermediary always offers you a financing comparison that is precisely tailored to your personal needs and wishes. This starts with a thorough analysis of your situation, followed by financing proposals that can really bring you closer to your goal. Advice on construction financing and any other form of financing is a matter of trust and often involves large sums of money. That's why a financial intermediary takes plenty of time to get to know you and understand your needs exactly. Only in this way can the best form of financing for a construction loan, household loan or car purchase be found and professionally implemented by the financing comparison.

Advisory competence also means that you are always taken seriously in your concerns about financing. Custom-fit strategies help you get a lot closer to construction financing. It starts with the installment amount and the term and always keeps in mind that you can safely repay the total amount at the right time and with a high degree of comfort. Advice and financing comparison always keep you, the customer, in mind.

2. Comprehensive advice

The advice provided by the financial intermediary is particularly detailed. He takes the time to compare financing options, which really keeps all available options open for you, for example, for the perfect-fit construction financing solution. Advice on all aspects of financing is offered. This means more than just arranging financing. It means from the analysis of the desires up to the Nachverhandlung with offers a complete program for financings, which are really custom-made to your need.

Even after financing, your financial intermediary will not leave you in the lurch. You want installment amounts. Adjust term? Switch to a lower-interest offer? Increase the sum because a renovation turns out to be more costly than you had previously planned? You can expect all of this from a financing intermediary who personally advocates for your financial needs.

In addition, a financing broker who specializes in construction financing, may also have funding tips for you ready.

3. High market knowledge

The market knowledge of financing intermediaries is often significantly superior to that of bank employees. This is due to the fact that banks place other products on the market in addition to financing products, and the bank employee must have a comprehensive command of the range of services offered. A financing comparison is therefore not necessarily possible to the standard that customers and interested parties understandably desire. After all, large sums of money are involved. For many customers, this makes the expert for the financing comparison mandatory.

The specialization of the financing intermediary, on the other hand, is a real plus for construction financing and other financing options when it comes to selecting the right partner for a project. The market knowledge comes from the fact that the financing mediator is constantly occupied with new financing options, knows many lenders from own project engineering and therefore also in difficult cases solutions for a successful financing holds ready. This competence makes financings on high level possible, with which there are afterwards no bad surprises for you. Rely on consulting expertise for high demands!

4. Independence from banks, building societies and other lenders

Compared to the classic bank employee, the financing intermediary can offer you another, quite decisive advantage: He is independent, that is, not tied to a particular product or a particular company.

Why? Quite simple! Because a bank sells only certain products out of its own interest, but a financing intermediary can draw from a range of many possibilities without being tied down. The financing comparison for a construction financing is therefore carried out completely independently.

Independence as a solid basis for the financing comparison is appreciated by many customers and interested parties. It gives the customer certainty that the best product can be picked out from many offers. This creates trust. Is an optimal consulting basis. So as a borrower you do not need to be afraid that through interest in the background a company wants to sell financing that you do not need. On the contrary, independence offers you the perfect-fit solution, which can be developed on the basis of your personal circumstances. This puts you as a person at the center of financing that is really right for you!

5. Focus on customer interests

People need construction financing for the dream house. People need tailored loans for a new car. People need financing for household appliances or the vacation trip. People need a financing comparison that is actually based on their needs and circumstances. A financing mediator with respectability and professionalism will not suggest a financing product to you, which seems incredibly attractive at first sight, but which you may not be able to handle later on your own resources.

Installment size is an important keyword in this context. Term another. Interest burden anyway. It is about finding the right financing solution for you as a customer. One with which you can sleep peacefully. One that allows you to break the washing machine without jeopardizing your repayment obligation. All this is taken into account by the financing intermediary in the independent financing comparison for construction financing or any other financing. You and your goals and wishes are brought into line with the circumstances of your personal situation. This is how a coherent financing is created!

6. Chance-risk consideration

Each financing has its advantages and disadvantages. A financing intermediary will weigh these opportunities and risks carefully for you to achieve the best possible result. This often distinguishes him significantly from the bank employee who must sell the products of his bank with the highest possible yield for the respective credit institution. Often also under time pressure, because appointments cover a certain period of time, while outside the door perhaps the next customer is already waiting for his consultation.

A financing broker can illuminate the financing from your point of view. He knows what is important to you and knows from the conversation with you your willingness to take risks or the need for security, which is characteristic for you. Emotion is an important factor when comparing financing. Your feeling that you have really obtained the most suitable financing must coincide with the feeling of the financing intermediary that he has provided you with a product with which you will be satisfied in the long run. In short: The financing intermediary arranges products that he would also arrange for friends and family members in the same situation.

7. More than 300 credit institutions compared

A bank consultant can offer you the products of his bank. Or the banking group behind it. It even has to be. The products are manageable in their variety. What else the market has to offer in the financing comparison is not explained to you in the consultation. No matter if it would have been the best financing for you. This means that unless the bank you trust happens to have the solution that would be best for you, opportunities are lost that you can never take again in this way. A financing broker offers you basics of financing on often much more solid foundation.

Why is that? Quite simply to explain: A financing broker can draw on offers from more than 300 banks for a financing comparison. You have a range of options from which to choose construction financing solutions optimized to your needs. Advice is varied and complements the financing comparison with well thought-out strategies for repayment or any follow-up financing that may be necessary. This gives construction financing the foundation you want for your home: it is solid and, above all, secure. This way you can be sure that you are getting the best financing solution available on the market. This creates satisfaction and security.

8. Simple research with significant time savings

If you need construction financing and are looking for a financing comparison, you basically have two options available to you. You can move from bank to bank and get quotes. However, these will always be bank-specific products, where the interests of the respective credit institutions are often clearly in the foreground. But you can also hire a financial intermediary for a financing comparison, who can obtain the offers of more than 300 credit institutions and propose suitable solutions for a construction financing product with great independence. Which solution do you prefer?

In addition the financing mediator offers still another advantage: Unnecessary SCHUFA inquiries, which affect the Score value unfavorably, are avoided. At the bank, you must always expect that the consultation will result in a SCHUFA query. If the financing product later turns out not to be optimal, the inquiry with all its possible disadvantages was completely in vain. A financing intermediary can save you from having to do this. How? Quite simple, as you will learn in the next section of the benefits list.

Their advantages at a glance:

– Personal advice, tailored to your wishes and goals – Save time, by talking to your financing broker – Stress-free financing comparison – Avoid unnecessary SCHUFA queries – Comparison of different financing options – Cost savings through the Optimal Financing

9. Individual pre-selection

Individual selection in the financing comparison is a key feature for the financing intermediary. It probes the market for suitable financing possibilities and suggests only these to you. Rate height. Term. Total. Interest. Possibilities for early repayment. Everything that is of high importance to you personally will be included in the financing comparisons for a construction financing& Co. And included professional counseling. Filter functions of computer-assisted programs facilitate not only the preselection for your individual decision-making process. They also bring a pleasant time saving due to the speed of the presentation of the results.

The list of results relevant to your actual wishes is the basis for further consultation. Thus, financing comparisons are an important tool for every construction financing. And your financing intermediary can use this tool in your favor. The list, which is the basis for the selection, represents a preselection, with which also you can compare in all peace uncomplicatedly, which solutions fit you best. Thus, high transparency for you in terms of financing comparison is. The subsequently selected construction financing give.

10. Renegotiations with a high level of customer orientation

The offers that can be made to you are not always so optimal that you feel good about accepting them immediately. It's perfectly normal. No cause for concern. Here, however, the financial intermediary has another advantage for you, which can pay off significantly under certain circumstances. A renegotiation is possible with many credit institutes and a financing mediator often finds hearing, since it brings the necessary professionalism and naturally also experience with itself. You will experience that offers can be corrected here often clearly to your advantage, which you would probably not have achieved alone in such a way. The bank consultant, on the other hand, has to be. Hold the conditions associated with it. They are virtually set in stone. Also you can hardly change anything about it. Thus, the advice is aimed solely at convincing you of a bank's product, while a financing intermediary, through skilful renegotiation, can in many cases make the credit institution and a particular offer you want possible. You profit from advice and financing comparison on the one hand, from serious renegotiations for a desired construction financing on the other hand. In this way, you do not miss a cent that could not be saved and can bring great benefits to your building fund. Rely on the expertise of a consultant who knows his trade when it comes to financing accuracy. It is worthwhile!

Advice and financing comparisons: essential components of construction financing

The financial intermediary is often superior to the bank advisor in many respects. But it is not about the superiority, but the profit you get from financing comparisons and advice from a professional financing intermediary. It provides a solid basis for any form of financing, such as construction financing, which is more attractive than ever due to the historic low interest rates. When you choose the right borrowing product! This is where the financing intermediary can help, thanks to its independence and portfolio of offers from over 300 credit institutions, from which it can tailor the product for its clients.

You can recognize the financing intermediary by one important feature. His advice to you is non-binding and serious. He will not persuade you to buy a product that you do not want or that does not suit you. The financing comparisons offered by the financing intermediary for a construction financing offer high transparency and security for your decision. Good reasons , the financing mediator prefer to the bank advisor, if it concerns important forms of the financing. Try out how an individual and independent consulting service around construction financing feels for your project. This way the financing is based on a tailor-made basis. High trustworthiness placed! You get security of the optimal financing.

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