Prefer to buy another book!

Prefer to buy another book!

Andreas Eschbach


You can write to me.

I can be reached by email (see below) or by mail through my agency:

Literary Agency Thomas Schlück GmbH Hohenzollernstrasse 56 30161 Hanover Germany

Legal notice: The legislator wants me to point out explicitly that if you write to me (no matter if by mail or by post), your letter will become part of my correspondence and will be kept by me. Is saved. If you do not agree with this, then do not write me.

For detailed information about how I handle personal information, please see my privacy policy.

A few more necessary preliminary remarks:

I am no frahling and can also be not help you find one. I read all emails that reach me. Yourself. Most peculiar. But it has reached the point where I have to stop trying to answer all emails as well, because otherwise I wouldn't get around to writing books anymore. If you write me something nice about one or more of my books, rest assured, I'll read it and be happy even if I don't respond. – I still try to answer when something needs answering, in the hope that not too many people make a sport out of exhausting it. – If you go to my website link you are welcome to do so. You need me not Ask for permission. (Google does not ask anyone either.) – Particularly annoying: If I answer an email, but then get a response that it was rejected because the addressee's inbox was "full is. Or the email address is no longer valid after only 2 days. – I also sometimes answer questions about Write. However, you should first read my section "About writing" look through carefully; most likely you will find your question already answered there. – I will continue to make myself available for any questions that may arise in the course of school or university work on my works – if only to support those teachers who take the not inconsiderable risk of dealing with authors who are still alive. But, dear friends, this doesn't mean that I'm doing your job! I don't interpret my own works, and I don't answer questions that show that the person asking them was just too lazy to spend more than a minute on my homepage. (And it sometimes takes a while until I answer – so don't wait until the last minute!) Letters but I can't answer in general; the effort is simply too great. I ask for your understanding. – Requests with requests for Autograph cards are useless: neither do I own any, nor do I intend to acquire any. – For requests Review copies please contact the respective publisher directly. Readings can only be done in the context of Reading trips take place through Germany. Due to the distances involved, it is not possible for me to drop by at any time. – If you want a book from me signed want to have, please visit one of my readings. The procedure of sending the author a book with a return envelope has become too cumbersome due to my move to France; each book signed in this way costs me as much time, with all the trimmings, as writing a manuscript page. That's why I don't do it anymore. In addition, postage is very expensive here in France; sending a book costs almost as much as the book itself. My suggestion: save the money. Better buy another book! – Please send me no manuscripts or texts with the request to read them and tell you if (resp.

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