Pilot region of upper austria (greater linz area)

Pilot region of upper austria (greater linz area)

Every day numerous commuters flock to the vibrant central area. Around 300.000 trips that cross city boundaries to or from. Of Linz are currently counted. By 2030, an increase of another 74 is expected.000 trips per day. In order to relieve the already heavily frequented main traffic arteries, we want to increase the occupancy rate of vehicles, among other things, as part of the MOBIL ANS ZIEL mobility initiative. With the DOMINO Upper Austria app, we have the right tool in our hands to make our mobility faster, more fluid and more environmentally friendly. Every single person who participates makes a contribution", says State Councillor for Infrastructure and Mobility Mag. Günther Steinkellner.

Lichtenberg: "The commuter parking lot "Zum guten Gewissen" with 63 parking spaces and the carpooling bay at the Lichtenberg community center, together with the new app, are an important step toward sustainable mobility, which will become increasingly important in the future. The goal is to increase the occupancy rate of vehicles commuting to Linz!", says Daniela Durstberger, mayor of the municipality of Lichtenberg.

Oberneukirchen: "Mobility app DOMINO OÖ stands for shared, faster and more climate-friendly routes. We support this goal", Mayor DI Josef Rathgeb from Oberneukirchen emphasizes.

Eidenberg: "The public transport connection of the municipality of Eidenberg to the Hansberg state road is not available at all on weekends. But even during the week, many parents pick up their children from the Köpplmayr stop. With the Domino App we hope to save a lot of journeys or to. Improve connectivity to the main routes.", says Adi Hinterhölzl mayor of Eidenberg.

Donaulager Logistics: "As an international logistics service provider, we see it as our duty to contribute to environmental and climate protection. DONAULAGER LOGISTICS therefore supports the collective ride-sharing platform DOMINO Upper Austria, because it makes a significant contribution to an environmentally conscious and sustainable future.", explains DONAULAGER LOGISITICS Managing Director Gottfried Buchinger, MBA. The responsible use of resources. The commitment to sustainable management is anchored in emporia Telecom's mission statement. That's why we support DOMINO. Because it provides our employees with practical ways to travel to and from work in an environmentally conscious manner.", Eveline Pupeter, owner of emporia Telecom, Linz

FH Steyr: "After almost 2.5 years, we are looking forward to the launch of the pilot and hope that the Domino Upper Austria app will be well received and used frequently. With the Domino Upper Austria app, we want to make a small contribution to a more sustainable future and are looking forward to feedback from users so that we can improve the service by the end of the project and prepare for long-term operation.", Coordinator of the Upper Austrian pilot in the Domino project, FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Schildorfer, Vice Dean for Research at the Steyr Campus.

Regional mobility management: "The DOMINO Upper Austria mobility app not only arranges rideshare opportunities, but also creates a new quality in the mapping and use of multimodal mobility chains and can thus make a valuable contribution to relieving traffic congestion and saving CO2 – therefore: Together we drive better!", Regional Manager Hubert Zamut, MSc., Regional mobility management.

MOBILE TO YOUR DESTINATION: As part of the mobility initiative MOBIL ANS ZIEL, the state of Upper Austria wants to convince more and more people to travel more often in a climate-conscious manner. In addition to numerous other measures, the aim is also to increase the occupancy rate in private cars. With the DOMINO Upper Austria app, the next carpooling opportunity is now just a click away and it's easier than ever to connect with people who are also interested in carpooling.

ASFINAG: "ASFINAG is implementing numerous initiatives to relieve the network and reduce congestion. This also includes the innovative mobility app DOMINO Upper Austria, in the development of which we played a leading role. Switching to public transport or a higher occupancy rate in the car are important building blocks for more sustainable mobility. Many kilometers are saved every day by making it easier to form car pools. This is how we support Upper Austrian commuters to be more environmentally friendly and also more economical on the road", Hartwig Hufnagl and Josef Fiala, board directors of ASFINAG, say.

ÖBB: "As Austria's largest mobility service provider, ÖBB is aware that the need for publicly accessible mobility is becoming ever greater. This is accompanied by the growing diversity of mobility forms and offers, which are also determined by individual needs. In order to make the transport system fit for future requirements, smart, intelligent and, above all, sustainable mobility solutions, such as ride-sharing services, attractive transfer points from private to public transport and the networking of different means of transport by means of smart technologies and services are important and necessary steps", Martin Fischer, ÖBB Group Management, Strategy and Innovation.

Upper Austrian Transport Association Company: "Of course, it is by far more environmentally friendly to travel by public transport than by car. But sometimes the timetable doesn't fit in with your daily routine and you have to rely on a car. However, in such cases it is still by far more climate-friendly to travel in pairs or threes, so we support the DOMINO Upper Austria app. In addition, the app is also an ideal platform to carpool to the nearest park-and-ride facility, and from there continue your journey by public transport.", says Herbert Kubasta, Managing Director of OÖ Verkehrsverbund Gesellschaft.

ÖAMTC: "ÖAMTC is committed to sustainable mobility in all facets. In addition to better use of public transportation, this also includes increasing the occupancy level in vehicles – specifically when commuting to work. For both mobility variants, DOMINO offers added value. A simple assistance for the users:inside. We, as a mobility club, are happy to provide our expertise and resources – in the form of our call center and as project partners – for the advancement of individual as well as public transportation. With this research project, we are joining many other organizations in taking a step toward a sustainable future", According to ÖAMTC Country Director Mag. Harald Großauer.

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