Personal backup

Change plansHere you can see if and at what intervals the target directory should be changed. To set click on the button.


Personal backup

At the top left in the dialogue (see fig.) is set, in which intervals the change of the target should take place:


Below this is set how many steps should be run per cycle. If a change plan is set, there is a separate subdirectory for each step in the destination directory:"
BDnn" In case of daily change (nn = current step) or. "Bwnn" with a weekly change (nn = current step).

Depending on the number of steps per cycle, a corresponding number of days or. Run through weeks before overwriting the first step again. Daily backups in cycles of 7, 14, 21 and 28 days play a special role," says the company. Here the target is chosen according to the days of the week (according to. ISO 8601): BD01 (08,..) for Monday, BD02 (09,..) for Tuesday, etc. Is a combination with differential or. Incremental backups set, it is also possible to specify the day of the week for the first backup of each cycle.

Current step the number of the currently active step is displayed. If necessary, this can also be changed manually (except for cycles tied to weekdays).

Full backup on

This option is only available for daily backups bound to weekdays (see above). It is possible to select the day of the week on which the full backup should be executed.

Start backup cycle

This option is only available for daily backups bound to weekdays (see above) You can select whether the backup cycle should start on the weekday for which the full backup is scheduled, or immediately. In this case, a full backup for a past weekday is automatically made up for during the next scheduled backup. Is z.B. The full backup is scheduled for Monday and the switch schedule is reconfigured on a Thursday for a daily execution at 18:00, the full backup for Monday is made up on the same day at 18:00.

Backup mode

This setting is only available when the switching plan is turned on. The following settings are possible:

Refresh: All new and changed files are copied to the target directory using the set selection criteria (without deleting it first). Optionally, a synchronization can be. The archive bits of the copied files are reset in the source directory (regardless of the selection in the job).
All new: In the target directory, all files are deleted first, then all selected files are copied, resetting the archive bit.

Hint: For the o.G. Change plans, a letter is appended to the subdirectory in the destination to indicate the backup type: F = full backup, D = differential backup and I = incremental backup.

Backup priority

Here it is possible to set the priority with which the copying of the data is carried out during the automatic backup, compared to other applications. Will be used here z. B. "Very low" This way, other running processes are not hindered as much as with the "normal" setting. With the setting "high other applications on the other hand are very strongly hindered in the execution.

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