Patiently answered all your questions

Patiently answered all your questions

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DOWN WITH HITLER! Or Why Karl didn't want to be a cyclist (avant verlag)

"The two artists didn't want to merely read the speech bubbles of their comic book aloud. They showed the pictures on a screen, players provided the appropriate background sounds. Professional like actors they performed the dialogues. Gave each character a distinctive sound. Despite the serious subject matter, the audience always had reason to smile." (Daniel Diekhans on 11.4. In the Westdeutsche Zeitung)

"(…) a beautiful narrative about the (non-violent) resistance against an ideology that one does not share. Even if it would have been easier to 'buck up and kick down', Karl Metzner did not back down – not during the Nazi regime, nor at the time of the GDR. Jochen Voit and Hamed Eshrat have beautifully packed this story into a comic that should not only be read in history classes at school." (Nina Pimentel Lechthoff at the COMIC COUCH in April 2019)

"As a car and director of a German memorial, Jochen Voit wanted to bring the life story of Karl Metzner closer to young people in the form of a comic book. The sitter wasn't thrilled with the idea at first, but was ultimately happy with the result. A week after the comic was completed, Karl Metzner died at the age of 91." (from the Austrian youth magazine TOPIC, issue 8, April 2019)

"Resistance against Hitler was possible – this is shown by the story of five students who became active in Erfurt from 1943 onwards." (Daniel Diekhans in 11.4. In the Westdeutsche Zeitung)

"Check out this amazing true story about political oppression and civil courage!" (Nico Mesterharm In his Meta House Art Diary, Phnom Penh in February 2019)

"Two dictatorships, one graphic novel" (Saskia awards five out of five points in all categories in her blog LIES-GESCHICHTE, February 2019)

"(It) combines speech bubbles and picture texts as well as flyers and radio messages into a whole that is skillfully told. The fact that the forms of domination are each shown in their everyday immanence is as important for the comparison as the bracketing by Karl's experiences. But that his quiet courage encourages without illusion is the inner strength of the book" (Hans ten Doornkaat in the "Magazin Geschichte" of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung on 7.2.2019)

"Historian Jochen Voit and comic artist Hamed Eshrat bring the lives of young people in the Nazi state (…) into the picture (…) They show in credible dialogues and exciting changes of perspective in the image design how dangerous insisting on one's own integrity can be in a dictatorship. (…) Young people not necessarily inclined to reading historical novels could find this classic form of graphic novel a wonderful door opener to get closer to contemporary history." (Siggi Seuss in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, 29./30.12.2018)

"Jochen Voit and Hamed Eshrat tell the largely forgotten story of the resistance group led by Jochen Bock. (…) an example of the power of conscience. And that one often has the choice not to keep one's mouth shut" (Tobias Pruewer on 5.12.2018 on kreuzer online)

"Clear reading recommendation!" (Jill on 2.12.2018 on Letterheart)

"An average and compliant worker goes through life like a cyclist, it says at one point: 'Buck up, kick down.' This is exactly what Karl Metzner does not want to do and does not do. Free of any pathos, historian Jochen Voit (…) and Tehran-born Berlin (…) comic artist Hamed Eshrat tell the story of Karl Metzner and the resistance group around Jochen Bock. (…) Who NEITHER WITH HITLER! Feels on every page that the two authors have found each other. Her account combines a sense of grand, moving history with a devotion to historical detail."(Florian Meyer in STRAPAZIN no. 133, December 2018)

"Sober contemporary history" (Jürgen Schickinger in the Badener Zeitung on 10.11.2018)

"The volume has a very big goosebump moment for me – on the last editorial pages, when the incredible message of this book is repeated once again. Everything is true! Because there the artists present the real five boys and what has become of them." (Bernd Hinrichs on 5.11.2018 on Comic Report)

"Stirring and impressive" (BB in ALFONZ 04/2018)

"In this graphic novel based on the biography of Karl Metzner, illustrator Hamed Eshrat and author Jochen Voit tell a touching story about how one can keep one's composure even in impossible times."(Westdeutsche Allgemeine, 25.10.2018)

"The fact that the double resistance story is only now coming to light has to do with perseverance and the luck of researchers. (…) In the end, the only person who had to be convinced of the realization of the story was Karl Metzner himself, who at first had no idea what to do with comics. 'But then he talked to his pastor, who told him that the young people of today work with the medieum,' Voit said with a smile. About the result, however, he was finally happy. A few days before Karl Metzner died on 26. August this year died, he held in his hands the finished comic of his life. Jochen Voit: 'It was as if he had been waiting for it.'" (Sebastian Farmer in the BZ, 24.10.2019)

"You are very close to the feelings of Karl through the pictures. And is shown what terror and psychological terror can do to people. (…) A comic that gives courage and is exciting at the same time!" (Kerstin Burlage on Radio Bremen, 5.10.2018)

"The Scholl siblings and the 'White Rose', Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg and the assassination attempt of 20. July 1944 – everyone thinks of them when the resistance is mentioned. Resisters like Metzner. His classmates are hardly known. (…) For the comic about his exciting and above all upright life, the Erfurt native contributed original documents and allowed the authors to quote from letters he wrote from prison to his mother. Patiently he answered all their questions. Many of his answers were used verbatim in the comic strip. (…) The carefully researched and vividly drawn graphic novel 'Down with Hitler' is a fitting tribute to this humble hero." (Stephan Müller (in Freie Presse, 5. "In an unusual way, the Berlin draftsman Hamed Eshrat devote themselves to. The Erfurt historian Jochen Voit in her book 'Down with Hitler!' Of the story of the recently deceased Karl Metzner. Before his death, he himself agreed to tell his resistance against two dictatorships as a graphic novel. (…) Eshrat and Voit succeed in telling a somewhat different story of resistance in entirely unplacid, sometimes poetically meaningful images." (Maurice Wojach in the Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung, 2./3. October 2018)

"Hamed Eshrat's reduced, expressive style lends emotional depth to the factual scenario by Jochen Voit." (Matthias Penkert-Henning in the Tagesspiegel, 27.09.2018)

"That's what makes 'Down with Hitler' particularly fascinating: the resistance of one individual in two systems. […] That the topic is of particular relevance in the East German states after Chemnitz is obvious, and the West should not imagine that something like this can't happen to it." (Andreas Platthaus to faz.Net on 25.9.2018)

"This compact to the point story about walking upright, told in strong images, is particularly suitable, but not only, for a young audience. (Anke Groenwald in the Neue Westfälische on 20.9.2018)

"Resistance in Pictures" (Hanno Müller in the Thüringer Allgemeine, 15. September 2018)

"The leitmotif of cycling runs through the volume. Young Karl is a fan of cyclist Erich Metze, whose race Eshrat captures with dynamic stroke. Finally, in jail, an old inmate teaches Karl what matters in life if you want to stay out of trouble: riding a bike – hump up, pedal down. A lesson that Karl metzner never accepted. (…) A hero, precisely because he was a normal person with fears, who didn't want to be the center of attention – and yet stood up for his opinion.

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