Parents abc guide for parents

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Parents abc guide for parents
Parents abc guide for parents

Parents-ABC: Guide for parents

Regular school hours

The children enter at 8.00 a.M. With the first bell the school. As parents, please do not accompany your children to the classroom, but say goodbye at the school gate.At 8.05 o'clock the lessons begin. For the 1. And 2. School ends at 12.10 am. The 3. And 4. School years end at 13.10 o'clock end of lessons. All full-day children finish at 16.00 o'clock their school day.

Access to the school building

For the protection of your children we keep the school building closed during school hours. Please ring. Register in the secretary's office. Here you can also drop off things that your children have forgotten. Please do not go into classrooms or the teachers' lounge without instruction, even if the school door is once open. This also applies to the afternoon time!

Sick notes

If your child is ill, you are obligated to call the school before classes begin to inform. From 7.00 o'clock the secretary's office is usually occupied. But the answering machine is running at all times. Will be tapped regularly. You can also send an e-mail. Please provide your child with a written excuse as soon as he/she returns to school at. In case of illness lasting longer than three days, we require this excuse from the third day at school.

Leave of absence

Leave of absence from classes and other school events declared to be mandatory may be approved for good cause. Foreseeable appointments, z. B. Doctor's appointments or family matters during regular school hours must be requested in writing in advance. Leave of absence for individual lessons or up to three school days is granted by the class teacher. The school administration is responsible for longer leaves of absence. Holidays immediately before. After the vacations should not be pronounced. If children cannot attend sports and swimming lessons for health reasons, parents must provide a short written excuse. The school management decides in consultation with the teacher whether the child will participate in the lessons of another class.

The children's way to school

To strengthen the independence of your children, you should not bring or pick up the children by private car if possible. The community in the school buses or the common walk in Rheinböllen strengthens the children. In addition, the parking situation at the elementary school is extremely unfavorable, as the school does not have its own parking lot and almost all members of the teaching staff come from out of town. If you still bring your child to school by car, please make sure that you do not use the bus stop or free parking spaces z. B. Block in the Henkersbitz. Let your children get on and off the bike at the specially designated parking spaces in the street Hinterster Graben. The children can enter the school grounds through the Hinterster Graben entrance at the refectory. Only the bus children enter the school area through the main gate, all other children come via the entrances at Henkersbitz or Hinterster Graben.

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