Paint scratch removal first aid for scratches in the car paint

Paint scratch removal first aid for scratches in the car paint

Scrapes are not uncommon. Scratches in the car paint. Since these are almost impossible to prevent, many car owners are looking for an easy way to remove paint scratches. If it is large and deep scratches, the specialist should be visited in a workshop, so that the body part can be removed if necessary, prepared and repainted.

As soon as all layers of the car paint – primer, filler, base and clear coat – are damaged by the crack, the car should go to the workshop to the expert, because there is a risk of corrosion due to the exposed bodywork.

A paint doctor, on the other hand, uses smart repair to get out even minor scrapes and scratches.

1. Remove paint scratches easily

However, if you only have tiny scratches that are only superficial, you can use the Remove small paint scratches yourself in just three steps.

Clean car paint before removing paint scratches
Before using special touch-up pens or polish to remove the paint scratch, clean the affected area thoroughly with water and dishwashing liquid. This way you remove grease residues on the one hand, and on the other hand you prevent your car from being scratched even more when polishing it. Dust grains, for example, act like sandpaper during polishing. Sometimes cause even more damage. If you don't want to resort to washing up liquid, you can also use special paint cleaners.

Masking place, removing paint scratches on the car& sanding down
Once the paint is cleaned, you should mask off the area around the paint scratch to avoid damaging the remaining paint as you continue to remove paint scratches. There are several options for removing paint scratches. If only the paint is affected, without the colored base layer, a coarse-grained abrasive polish can be used to roughen the corresponding area by treating it in a circular pattern. However, if the scratch extends into the base coat, car owners should cover the paint scratch with the help of a paint stick in a matching color and only then go over it with the sanding polish. Always let the paint of the pencil dry well, it may also be necessary to treat it several times. When removing paint scratches, always make sure to polish out the scratch as carefully as possible.

Seal scratches on the car paint
Once the paint scratch has been removed as far as possible, the finishing touches are applied. The fine-grained paste should be applied with a soft polishing cotton until the transition to the remaining car paint is smooth. Afterwards, you should generously cover the area with a nano sealant or even use a hard wax polish. If the paintwork shines flawlessly again, you have done everything right when removing paint scratches.

2. Which products are suitable for removing paint scratches?

To remove paint scratches, there are various product ranges available from specialist dealers, such as the scratch remover set from Sonax, the Quixx scratch remover, the scratch remover from Autosol or the Nano Scratch Polish from Dr. Wack. If you don't dare touch your own paint for fear of causing more damage than before, you can always go to the paint doctor and have scuffs and paint scratches professionally removed for very little money.

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