News from the town hall

News from the town hall

August 2021, the world's cycling elite fought it out for overall victory at the Tour of Germany finale in Nuremberg. On three and a half exciting laps around Nuremberg's old town, Nils Politt of Team Bora Hansgrohe came out on top after the four-day bike race. With this event, Nuremberg continued a decades-old tradition six years after the last "Rund um die Nürnberger Altstadt" bicycle race.

Nuremberg's mayor Marcus König is happy about the successful event. "After more than a year of pandemic standstill, we as a city are proud to resume this tradition with Germany's largest cycling event. The Tour of Germany brought a bit of normality. Quality of life back to our city. This final was the highlight of the Nuremberg sports calendar – with an exciting race, thrilling duels and final sprints on the circuit around Nuremberg's Old Town."

Cornelia Trinkl, Nuremberg's spokeswoman for schools and sports, also joined in the excitement: "The race with top-class teams and first-class drivers had me in stitches. Many were on their feet. Enthusiastically join the party. I would like to thank all the full-time and volunteer helpers who made this great event possible."

This year, a total of 22 teams from 12 countries, each with six riders, took part in the Deutschland Tour. Official start was on Thursday, 26. August 2021 in Stralsund. In addition to Nuremberg, Stralsund, Schwerin, Sangershausen, Ilmenau and Erlangen present themselves as host cities.

Coming from Erlangen over the Franconian Switzerland, the cyclists swung from the Rollnerstrasse over the Rathenauplatz on the old town round. But it wasn't just the professional cyclists who did their laps of the ring around Nuremberg's old town. The participants of the Everyman races as well as the Ride Tour and the Mini Tour were also able to demonstrate their skills.

Everyman race
For the sporty ones, the Jedermann Tour with two different routes (55 and 108 kilometers) offered an opportunity to challenge themselves. After the start at Nuremberg's main market square, the tour continued along challenging routes into Franconian Switzerland, before returning to Nuremberg at the end of the tour on the original route taken by the professionals. The victory over the 55-kilometer course was taken by Willi Bruckner of Team Bora + Friends. The winner over the 108 kilometers was Benjamin Koch from Team Strassacker.

Those who wanted to take it a little easier were in good hands with the Ride Tour. As a shortened final stage the Ride Tour connected the two cities of the metropolitan region Nuremberg. It led over 30 kilometers from Erlangen to Nuremberg.

But also for the very small ones was provided. The youngest participants. Participants were able to ride along on the Mini Tour. Here, children between two and five years old were able to get their first "taste of competition" on running wheels, or children from six to twelve years old could take part in the bike parade.

The Deutschland Tour was accompanied in the stage destinations by a large mobile bike show, the Expo Tour. It was free for visitors and opened hours before the professionals crossed the finish line. Various attractions around Richard-Wagner-Platz invited to try, watch and participate.

According to the Deutschland Tour, around 20,000 visitors lined the bike race route around Nuremberg's Old Town, including about 1,000 in the finish area alone. Tom

Download image: Overall winner The overall winner of the Deutschland Tour, Nils Politt, at the award ceremony on Sunday, 29. August 2021 in Nuremberg by Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann, Nuremberg's Lord Mayor Marcus König and the Head of Schools and Sports, Cornelia Trinkl (v.L.N.R.) (Image: Andreas Franke / City of Nuremberg, JPG file 279 KB)

Image Download: Winner of the final stage The winner of today's final stage in Nuremberg, Alexander Kristoff, at the award ceremony on Sunday, 29. August 2021, by the Bavarian Minister of the Interior, Joachim Herrmann, Nuremberg's Lord Mayor Marcus König and the Head of Schools and Sports, Cornelia Trinkl (v.L.N.R.) (Picture: Andreas Franke / City of Nuremberg, JPG file 256 KB)

Image download: Even the smallest were at the wheel race of the "Mini Tour" enthusiastic about it. Nuremberg's Lord Mayor Marcus König handed over the winning certificates. (Picture: Andreas Franke / City of Nuremberg, JPG-File 495 KB)

Picture Download: Nuremberg's General Manager for Schools and Sports, Mayor Marcus König, Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann and the General Manager of the Deutschland Tour, Claude Rach, on the sidelines of the sporting action. (Image: Andreas Franke / City of Nuremberg, JPG file 665 KB)

Image download: CEO of local main sponsor Datev e.G. The chief executive officer of local major sponsor Datev e.G., Robert Mayr (front), measures himself on the bicycle ergometer with Nuremberg's mayor Marcus König.

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