Revised Corona protection rules will apply from Thursday An information of the government of North Rhine-Westphalia : The state government implements the decisions of the federal-state consultations on the necessary contact reduction and containment of the pandemic in North Rhine-Westphalia. For this purpose, it has adapted the Corona protection regulation accordingly. To further ensure sufficient medical care capacities and the maintenance of critical infrastructure occur from Thursday, 13. January, further targeted measures in place to slow down the infection and in particular the further spread of the "Omikron"-Variant containment.

With the change in the regulation, the so-called 2G+ rule also applies in the catering industry. Boosted individuals will be exempt from mandatory testing; they won't need a day-by-day test in areas where 2G+ applies. The same applies to people who have recovered from an infection after full immunization. In addition, testing can now also be carried out "on site" be made under supervision. – The most important new regulations at a glance :

2G+ in gastronomy

The restriction of access to immunized persons, who must also have an up-to-date test, previously applied to indoor sports, swimming pools and wellness activities. From the 13. January, the rule also applies in gastronomy, provided that the use is not limited to the mere collection of food and drinks. In the future, immunized persons must therefore also carry a current, negative rapid test certificate, which is not older than 24 hours.

Exemption from the testing requirement for boostered or recovered individuals

The additional testing requirement in areas where 2G+ applies is waived for immunized individuals who either have a booster vaccination in addition to full basic immunization (as required by federal law) or have recovered from an infection in the past three months. The exemption applies to all areas of application of 2G+, including, for example, indoor sports. It is valid immediately after receiving the booster vaccination.

On-site testing

In locations where testing is required for access (i.E., 3G and 2G+), instead of presenting proof of testing from an official testing site, a supervised self-test can be conducted on-site at the time of access, such as when entering a gym under the supervision of reception staff or when exercising under the supervision of the trainer/exercise instructor.

This supervised self-testing entitles only to access to the specific offer. No test certificate can be issued by the supervisor, which could be used to visit other facilities. This can still only be done by the official testing centers. Whether and in what form on-site testing is offered is decided by the respective operator of the facility. Because of the significantly higher infectivity of the "omicron"-Variant, the exceptions to the mask requirement are reduced. The obligation to wear medical masks extended. This relates specifically to the reinstatement of mandatory masking in outdoor queues and at events and gatherings, unless they are subject to 3G or 2G access regulations.

Standardization for major events

Previously, the spectator cap of 750 people for large events already applied to. In the future, this will also apply uniformly to supraregional events such as soccer matches, etc.

Regulations for handling quarantine

By the beginning of next week, the 'RKI' recommendations on contact person management are expected to be adapted. This sets uniform federal standards for handling vaccinated, recovered and boostered persons, among other things, in the quarantine area. The adjustment of the country's testing and quarantine ordinance will be made subsequently.

Overall, 75 percent of people in North Rhine-Westphalia are fully vaccinated. 46 percent have already received booster vaccination. Because of the increased protection, booster vaccination is strongly recommended, provided the minimum distance recommended by the 'Standing Commission on Vaccination' (Stiko) is maintained. The amendment to the ordinance now adds safeguards specifically to address the challenges of "omicron"-Variant and the maintenance of critical infrastructure undertaken.

The important "AHA+L-Standards in everyday life remain of great importance for all people, regardless of their vaccination status. In addition to a self-responsible limitation of contacts, compliance with hygiene measures and regular ventilation, a voluntary rapid test should also be carried out in advance of meetings.

The Corona protection regulation is valid in this version for the time being until the 7. February. The current Corona protection ordinance can be found at


www.Land.Nrw/corona .

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