Motorcycle tours on tenerife explore the island by bike

Tenerife is not only the largest island of the Canary Islands, but also the most varied. With the 3718 meters high Teide it is the third largest island volcano of the world and contains by this characteristic the possibility of crossing several climatic zones and of driving from above the clouds to the sea with a tour with the motorcycle at once. Exciting landscapes, many serpentines, a wild-romantic north coast and the vacation centers of the south are waiting for you. In the following you will learn in the context of a tour around the island, which we start in the very southwest.

The southwest of Tenerife

If you start in the southwest of Tenerife to do a circumnavigation of the island, there are two ways to get to the north. The first variant is to simply drive north on the highway, which of course is not really exciting. Fortunately, besides the highway, there are also the old country roads, which lead you partly directly along the coast, but also partly along the slopes of the mountains. The landscape in the south is characterized by a rather barren landscape with rugged rocks and small bushes, as it is the sunny side of Tenerife. It is not surprising that the southwest coast of the island is the center of tourism.

The east coast of Tenerife

This changes once you round the southern tip and reach the east coast. Due to the northeast trade wind it is the windiest side of the island, so although it is still very sunny here, the tourism is much smaller. A good example is El Médano, which is especially popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers. Here a break is worthwhile, because south of the place is with the Playa Tejita the longest beach of the island.

Further up the east coast we go towards Santa Cruz, the capital of the island, and La Laguna, the historical capital. Here you will experience the modern side of Canarian life right next to the historical side, as the two largest cities of the island are intertwined and show a nice contrast between tradition and modernity.

The north of Tenerife

Motorcycle tours on tenerife explore the island by bike

La Laguna is the gateway to the north. From here on the island is green. Has a lush vegetation. This region is a very good starting point to start single tours over the island, because from here you can go in all directions. As it tends to attract tourists on day trips and is known for being quite often cloudy, private vacation accommodation in Tenerife is much cheaper to get here, as you can see for example on www.Holiday-houses-on-tenerife.De finds.

The Anaga Mountains in the northeast lie directly behind the city and are known for their winding roads that run through the middle of vast laurel forests. During a visit the viewpoint at Pico del Inglés is a must.

From La Laguna one of the most beautiful motorcycle tours on Tenerife is waiting for you, because from here you go through the Mercedes Forest to the Teide National Park, past the observatory to the Cañadas and to the Teide. On this tour many gently curved bends are waiting to make the biker's heart beat faster.

From La Laguna you can also take the road to the north, where you will find a lot of agriculture and urcanic villages. Large banana plantations on the coast and vast vineyards with terraced fields on the slopes of the mountains make for a beautiful landscape, while further up there are extensive pine forests.

A highlight here is the Orotava Valley, over which majestically towers the Teide. Here it is worth visiting La Orotava, which has a beautiful old town known for its many beautifully decorated wooden balconies. From here you also go up to the Teide, but the serpentines on this route are much more demanding than on the tour through the Mercedes forest.

Leaving the Orotava Valley and heading west along the coast, you will reach the most unspoiled part of Tenerife. Here there is only agriculture, and tourism is limited to individual tourists who are drawn to the nature and hiking areas. The center of the region is Icod de los Vinos.

Back to the southwest

From Icod de los Vinos you go back over the mountains to the southwest, taking the road over the pass of Erjos in the back of the Teide to Santiago del Teide, which is located between the National Park and the Teno Mountains. Here a visit to Teno el Alto is worthwhile, because from there you can walk directly up to the cliffs of Los Gigantes, which are the landmark of the Southwest. If you don't want to make this detour, just continue from Santiago del Teide to Chio and from there to the southwest coast.

Thus, even a single tour around the island gives you the opportunity to experience the complete variety of the island. It goes without saying that not all the highlights of Tenerife can be done in one go. We therefore recommend you to plan your vacation in a private vacation accommodation on Tenerife, no matter if you bring the motorcycle with you or rent it locally. As a self-caterer you are not subject to fixed meal times.

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