Mastering crises archive

Mastering crises archive

How to master any crisis – Resilience your secret weaponDo you also wonder how others manage to stay positive even in difficult times? No matter what comes, nothing seems to throw them off track. Probably they have a really good secret weapon. For you, on the other hand, feel in crisis situations, helpless and desperate? Your mood is in the basement. You see everything black? Then here come 5 things you can do, to discover each crisis. Resilience Is the keyword here.

Your new Super – Power: Resilience

Read correctly. As of today you will acquire a new Super-Power *Resilience* on, quasi your Superman costume, which you have ready from today in your closet. Just in case there's another pandemic outbreak. Or life comes up with other fun challenges for you to face.

Resilience is the technical term for a person's own psychological resilience. Smart people once thought about how people manage to cope with crisis situations in a positive way. And in the end even emerge strengthened from it. So what does it take? Yoga, relaxation or just pure optimism? Yes maybe, but also other things I'll tell you now:

1. Acceptance – Let go Baby

How often have you had to deal with situations in your life because they did not go your way?? Your thoughts were constantly circling. You thought to yourself "If only…", "If only I had…", "Why is this happening to me of all people?? You could not accept what happened?

The mental fixation makes you feel paralyzed and unable to act. You are treading water. However, the moment you actively dealing with your situation, you can change something. Your situation sucks? Okay. Then accept it for the time being. That the situation has come so, you can not change. Learn to let go. Stop fighting. End the resistance. This does not mean that you have to admit defeat now. On the contrary. Now you can act become. Roll up your sleeves. And look for possibilities how you can best continue now.

2. Search for solutions – I will make it

Now that you have stopped resisting the situation, freedom arises. Freedom to look for solutions. Resilient people look at what they can do in times of crisis to make the best of their miserable situation. So far so good. But you do not think of what you can do? Then I present you my favorite technique, which helps you to look for suitable solutions. PS: This is my secret tip, which I also use in my coachings.

Brainstorm: Play through different ways. What can you do now? First of all, without thinking of any consequences. Think big. Also in absurdities. Then weigh in the conclusion, what feels coherent for you. Ask yourself What would your best friend do now?? Collect ideas What would your friends / family advise you to do?

3. Back to the past

Another Help to cope with crises in a positive way n and which is at the same time a component of resilience, the look back is. It is certainly not the first time in your life that you have had to face a challenging situation.

So how did you deal with problems and crises in the past?? What have you done? What calm? Who did you talk to? What exactly has helped you? In answering the questions lies the key to the solution. The more exactly you can give yourself the answers, the better you know what it needs now.

4. Network – Let's connect

You like to do things on your own? Do not have to. Research shows that people who have a stable social environment live healthier lives. So we called Aunt Erna right away. Congratulations on his birthday. That can be so many have a good tip ready for you. Because Psssst…People like to help each other. Provided you can accept help. And let me tell you, it can be really rewarding.Because especially in times of crisis, it can be relieving to share with friends, your partner, and your family. Perhaps they have experienced something similar or simply have an open ear for you.

And investing in your social contacts can give you many advantages. Example pleasing?

Imagine your cousin's husband is a tax consultant. One day you will receive a stupid letter from the tax office. You have a large sum to pay back. It seems too much for you. Wouldn't it be great to have an expert look over it?? Perhaps yes the man of your cousin, who can still show you the one or other trick. And maybe the sum will be reduced by a considerable amount. Sounds good or? 🙂

5. Tap into your sources of power – Recharge

To be able to face crises in life, you need energy. But you feel like the flag in the wind right now? Then check your sources of power. Recharge yourself. Selfacre is the magic word here. You don't know exactly what's good for you? So it goes also to most persons in my coaching. Then I give them these questions to ask:

– What gives me pleasure? – What makes my heart beat faster? – When do I forget space& Time and me around? – What helps me to relax? To clear the head? – What comes easy to me? – What I like to do?

Other power resources can be:

Healthy diet Exercise in nature Get enough sleep Relaxation (yoga, meditation, PMR, autogenic training, hypnosis) Creativity (dancing, music, painting, crafting,…) A favorite hobby Favorite people Reading inspiring, uplifting texts, listening to podcasts, etc.

You want to learn your Super Power Further expand and strengthen? Then let us together Your Super-Me tickle out in a free preliminary talk . Just call me or send me an email.

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