Learn to play guitar what possibilities are there.

Learn to play guitar what possibilities are there.

Guitar lessons at the music school or in online courses?

What are the possibilities for learning to play the guitar??

Playing an instrument is a skill that many people want to learn. The guitar is very popular in this context because it allows one to accompany one's own singing. It is relatively easy to learn compared to other tools. Does not require any special anatomical features. In addition, it is inexpensive. Can be transported quickly.

Knowledge of notes is not absolutely necessary. The guitar is used as a solo instrument at concerts and is a component of many bands. Furthermore, it is often used in schools and kindergartens and contributes to the musical education of children and young people. Besides, people still associate it with conviviality and campfire romance.

Guitar lessons are offered at many private and state music schools. Through special children's guitars and child-friendly training material, children can quickly achieve success here. Lessons can be started as early as the first years of schooling. Basic musical understanding. Good sense of rhythm promotes learning successes.

Today, many adults also want to learn to play the guitar. For these, there are several options to achieve their goal. Many choose to take lessons with a guitar teacher offered by private schools or state music schools.

With these offers the group lessons are the cheapest. Individual lessons, as often requested, are hardly affordable. Qualified lessons are offered at schools. The students complete different levels, which are concluded with an examination and a certificate. This is especially important for those learners who need an instrument degree for their training or for study. In the lessons, there is immediate feedback on learning success through direct contact with the teacher and mistakes are corrected immediately. Fixed lesson times set the learning rhythm for the student. Additional practice is expected. But there are also disadvantages to this form of instruction. Places in music schools are in high demand. Especially in the subject guitar, waiting times have to be planned for. In group lessons, different age groups are taught together, which can be an uncomfortable situation, especially for an adult. In such a group the weakest pupil determines the learning speed. In addition, the quality of teaching is highly dependent on the skills of the music teacher. Often, however, it is not trained teachers who teach here, but musicians and career changers.

Adolescents and adults who cannot keep to fixed lesson times or who do not want to be. Want to learn to play the guitar can now find various online offers on the Internet. Here, too, there are certainly disadvantages. Online learning requires a great deal of self-discipline. Because – as already mentioned – there are no fixed teaching times. The exercises are not directly supervised by a teacher. Mistakes are not corrected immediately. It is also difficult to see finger position and grip posture. This form of instruction is therefore especially suitable for students who have at least a little prior knowledge of the guitar. Of course, such online courses also offer advantages. Students can practice without time constraints. Shift workers can also play at different times of the day, mothers when they have put their children to bed or professionals at weekends. The pace of learning is determined by the individual student. The distance courses are didactically cleverly designed and use modern teaching methods and media. The course fees include videos or. Dvds included, in which all important exercises are presented. The instructors can be watched from different camera perspectives. Demonstrations alternate with passages in which the students are supposed to play along. Jamtracks, small playback recordings, offer band feeling and concert atmosphere and loosen up the lessons. Music can be experienced immediately. Learning successes are controlled by sending in playing samples. All teaching materials are accompanied by sheet music. Tabs prepared.

Especially the online guitar lessons at newmusicacademie.De is ideal for both beginners and advanced learners. Here, a placement test is first used to determine the playing level of the respective student. The first lesson can then be tested for free. In addition to a guitar, a computer with Internet access is also available. A tape recorder with microphone necessary.

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