Lamborghini accident penalty order against hoffenheim pro samassekou requested

Diadié Samassékou caused an accident with his Lamborghini in Neckargemünd. Now the public prosecutor's office in Heidelberg has applied for a penalty order:

Update from 12. April: Now it's getting tight for soccer pro Diadié Samassékou. After the Lamborghini accident of the TSG Hoffenheim player, the public prosecutor's office in Heidelberg has now requested a penalty order. In a statement it is said that the investigation has led to the sufficient suspicion that Samassékou was responsible for the traffic accident, in which a woman was slightly injured.

After Lamborghini accident: penalty order sought against Hoffenheim professional Samassekou

At least Samassékou will get his driver's license back for the time being. And the TSG professional is lucky, because it could have come to a head after the accident about a month ago. There was a suspicion that the footballer could also have been punished for endangering the traffic. However, this suspicion has not been substantiated, according to the Heidelberg public prosecutor's office.

Lamborghini accident: Hoffenheim star refused to make statement to police

Update from 11. March: Hoffenheim professional Diadié Samassékou did not want to give any information to the police immediately after his Lamborghini accident in Neckargemünd on Wednesday morning. "He was lectured and has decided to involve his lawyer," police spokesman Norbert Schätzle told the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung newspaper. Not making a statement directly on the spot had been the 26-year-old's free decision.

After Lamborghini accident: Hoffenheim professional Samassékou did not want to give police any information

As Samassékou's long-time friend Fatos Rukiqi confirms to the RNZ, the TSG professional's lawyers have requested access to the files and will prepare a statement, as there are different views on the accident (see text below). In addition, an expert opinion is currently being prepared on the damage, according to initial estimates by the police, it is estimated at 40.000 euros.

Hoffenheim pro builds Lamborghini accident: friend on cause – "He couldn't…"

Initial message from 10. March Diadié Samassékou is currently in the media spotlight – but not because of his performance on the soccer field. As HEIDELBERG24* reports, the TSG Hoffenheim* player was injured on Wednesday (9. March) had been involved in an accident with his Lamborghini (750 hp).*

TSG Hoffenheim: Lamborghini crash – Diadie Samassékou loses driving license

According to the police, the 26-year-old overtook three waiting vehicles in a long right-hand bend on a main road in Neckargemünd, despite the ban on overtaking, and struck one of them. While Samassékou remained uninjured, the 64-year-old woman of that car suffered minor injuries. The damage is estimated at around 40.000 euros estimated, in addition, the footballer has had to give up his driver's license.

Lamborghini accident penalty order against hoffenheim pro samassekou requested

However, according to Fatos Rukiqi, the accident happened in a different way than described by the police. In an interview with the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung, Samassékous' friend and landlord said: "Diadié was on his way to training in Zuzenhausen, as he had been doing almost every day for two and a half years. All of a sudden, cars stopped in front of him and he was unable to brake in time." Because he wanted to avoid a collision, he had swerved into the left lane of traffic.

After Lamborghini accident of Hoffenheim professional Diadie Samassékou: friend contradicts police

When Samassékou saw that a car was coming towards him, he pulled back to the right. "He was simply surprised to see cars standing there, which is never the case otherwise. He definitely did not want to overtake," explains Rukiqi. The midfielder was reportedly annoyed by the publication of the police report, as his view was not included in it. TSG Hoffenheim has not yet commented on the incident.

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