Kitchen against the bakery exchanged

Kitchen against the bakery exchanged

A little patience was needed at the autograph session with celebrity chef Alfons Schuhbeck: He arrived quite a bit too late for the presentation of his new bread. Then he kindly signed books and autograph cards – and fortified himself with the bread.

Who on Saturday at 9.30 came under the pagodas found only an empty chair behind the counter with all the breads: Celebrity chef Alfons Schuhbeck was still missing because the gate at Basel airport had spit him out in the wrong direction. So one more round on the market and come by again: Then he sat there, blue shirt and dark jacket, and signed autograph cards with sweeping letters. Those who took one also received a loaf of "Schuhbeck's spice crust," a new bread he developed with the Armbruster bakery. Many also lined up with cookbooks so that author Schuhbeck could immortalize himself in them. Johanna was also in the queue. Mathias Boßmann from Steinach. Like many, they tasted it and were delighted: "The bread has a recognition value."He does not have his apron on", someone regretted. No matter: The cell phones were pulled out, children were brought into position and – smile! The professionals also pressed the shutter button a few times, for example to take photos with the Armbruster family or master baker Klaus Brohm.

Suitable for the Vesper

He had baked 1,000 loaves of the new bread, everyone who went for an autograph got one to go with it. And even so, passersby were able to sample from the sliced bread. "It goes well with hearty food. About a Vesper," Brohm said. Three times he had met with the celebrity chef, who developed a special blend of spices for it. "Ginger is his favorite, after all," said Brohm. Coriander, caraway and sabay clover are also in it, "but the exact mixture is Schuhbeck's secret," says the master baker. The professional chef attached importance to a "slow dough, because you need little yeast".

Also this serves like the spices the Bekömmlichkeit. The star chef deliberately chose spices that have a long tradition. "Unfortunately, many things have been forgotten, and we have to relearn them," he told. The crust was a particular challenge. The spices were not allowed to burn; in general, they should "only be tasted, they should not dominate," he said, and shoved a piece of bread into his own mouth.

He got in touch with the Armbruster bakery through Severin Oberdorfer, husband of Jutta Armbruster. "I was given a cooking course in Munich as a gift by the staff," Oberdorfer revealed. There, he was fascinated not only by the cooking know-how, but also by the tour of Schuhbeck's spice production facility. They got to talking, and soon the idea of bread was in the air. Whether the bread will be baked only in Offenburg in the future or will also be licensed is not yet certain.

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