Insight into the world of brand management

Insight into the world of brand management

The annual convention centered around real estate marketing was held for the fifth time this year. At Lake Side on the Zürihorn, some 90 real estate professionals came together to hear new ideas and ways of marketing real estate as well as young business ideas from the so-called PropTechs, and to delve into them in discussion rounds – moderated and brought to the point by the popular and well known from radio and television Monika Schärer.

After an introduction to real estate marketing by the host Dr. Roman H. Bolliger enthusiastic Dr. Key note presentation on the human brain. How it responds to digital innovations. The psychologist and lecturer at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (HWZ) explained that 70 to 80 percent of human perceptions are unconscious. A principle from this for real estate marketing was: "Everything that does not trigger emotions does not enter the human consciousness," says Häusel. Another commandment from his scientific research: "Make things as simple as possible for people – even on the Web!"Digital applications or websites that have a high intuitive character would be adopted much faster and more successfully resp. Click.

Merlin Ouboter, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Microlino AG, then presented an electric vehicle for which more than 15,000 reservations have already been made. The Microlino, whose first prototype saw the light of day in 2016 and already caused a sensation at the Geneva Motor Show, is about to go into series production. The participants in the 2019 marketing round got the chance to take a look at the marketing concept of this innovative e-mobile the environmentally friendly means of transportation also already called "Mini-Tesla" in detail under the magnifying glass.

The second half of the event morning was then dedicated to vacancy management. Initially showed Mirko Master and Maurizio Mancinone how professional management of vacancies is efficiently analyzed and handled at Wincasa. This includes, for example, the online rental portal streamnow, which Wincasa acquired in November 2018 and integrated into the group. All matters relating to the property and the rental relationship can be handled via the portal "easily, quickly and independently of time and place," says Mancinone.

How vacant apartments are automated and digitized on various portals, such as z.B. Via AirBnB, booking.Com or HomeAway, can be rented out, explained Alexander Limpert, CEO of GuestReady. Founded in 2016, the company currently manages a portfolio of around 2,000 properties in more than ten major cities in Europe and Asia. To date, it has arranged over 200,000 overnight stays.

Terry Fehlmann, CEO of placeB AG, shed light on the self-storage business, which is increasingly gaining a foothold in this country. With his venture, he has opened 20 locations in the past three years with warehouses (ranging in size from 1 to 50 square meters) that are 100 percent digitally operated without on-site personnel. Placeb is thus able to make profitable use of vacant space.

After the networking lunch gave Prof. Dr. Dominique von Matt An exclusive insight into the world of brand management, advertising and online marketing. The founder and chairman of the board of the communication agency Jung von Matt/Limmat showed that advertising ideas have to inspire and that today, in times of digitalization, many principles and paradigms in advertising no longer apply ("The deer now has the gun") and that customers are increasingly taking over marketing.

Dr. Michèle Balthasar from Swiss Infosec then presented the challenges in data protection for marketers and advertisers, which will certainly not become any less in the future. Particularly in view of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), which has been in force since May 2018 and can already have a drastic impact on companies in Switzerland today.

The 2019 Marketing Roundup on 5. June in Zurich's Lake Side closed with an insightful "PropTech Block" in which Mario Facchinetti (network manager SwissPropTech) described the status quo of the Swiss real estate startup scene and in the subsequent talk with Heinz M. Schwyter (CEO coozzy), Alexander Schmid (co-founder of TheSmarterPlace and ImmobilienBot) as well as Alexandros Tyropolis (CEO realbotengineering) particularly emphasized the collegial nature of the young companies among themselves – in contrast to the usually fierce cutthroat competition among established real estate companies.

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