How to pack a car for vacation, or what fits in the trunk.

Trunk volume is one of the most important criteria when buying a car. The advantages of a spacious cargo area are particularly evident when traveling on vacation. Here you can find out which trunk solutions prove most effective.

How to pack a car for vacation, or what fits in the trunk.

The optimal trunk volume depends on personal needs. The most important factors are the number of people riding in the vehicle. The type of cargo most often carried. In general, the size of the luggage compartment depends primarily on the vehicle class and dimensions. In a small city car there is room for 200-300 liters, enough for a single person who wants to carry a suitcase or groceries. If you buy a C-Class model, you can expect more space, from 500 liters upwards. Such a value is the required minimum for a family of 4-5 people going on vacation. However, it should be remembered that not every such family car can accommodate a stroller.

Some SUV models with a trunk volume of up to 800 liters can help here. In such a trunk, you can store not only luggage, but also, for example, a microwave oven or a folded tent. However, the information provided by manufacturers does not always correspond to the actual space in which you can fit your luggage. Besides, capacity is not everything. It's equally important that you have the necessary accessories to safely store your paraphernalia in the trunk.

Trunk volume – comparing factory specs to reality

How to pack a car for vacation, or what fits in the trunk.

It is worth knowing that the actual capacity of a trunk can often differ from the official manufacturer's specifications. Tests conducted by journalists from the German magazine Auto Bild in cooperation with experts from the international certification body TÜV Süd showed that none of the trunks of 20 cars tested had the specified capacity. The differences ranged from several to several hundred liters. These discrepancies were mainly due to the measurement method. This test was performed according to ISO 3832. DIN 70020-1 carried out. Small boxes with a capacity of up to 1 liter are placed in the actual cargo space up to the height of the luggage compartment blinds. Manufacturers sometimes make use of other methods, such as. B. The use of small balls of polystyrene foam. In addition, the volume of the trunk also offers space for a spare wheel, room for the installation of an audio system or additional storage compartments. Also important for the actual trunk volume is the space after folding down the rear seats, which can be slightly larger than in a situation where they are used by the occupants.

What to take on vacation – safety rules

How to pack a car for vacation, or what fits in the trunk.

Regardless of the actual capacity of your trunk, there are some basic rules you should follow when loading luggage into your car. First of all, the total weight of the vehicle including the load must not exceed an important value set by the manufacturer, namely the maximum gross vehicle weight (DCM). An overloaded car not only burns more fuel, but also has a longer braking distance and can lose its steering ability in curves, which affects driving safety. Therefore, attention should be paid not only to the weight, but also to the even distribution and proper securing of the luggage. Any movement of particularly heavy packages can endanger the safety of the occupants, z. B. In the event of a collision. Another aspect is the correct setting of the lighting before the trip. Incorrectly adjusted, it can blind other drivers. In most modern cars, the headlight angle setting is automatic, but before driving it is worth checking at a diagnostic point that both this function and other important values are set correctly.

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Trunk size is not everything

In addition to how much you are allowed to load in the trunk, it also depends on how comfortable and practical the trunk is when loaded. This is often determined by details such as a flat load compartment floor, its appropriate profiling or practical storage compartments and accessories such as organizers. The right choice increases safety and comfort, not only when packing, but also when traveling. Nowadays, luggage compartment components are increasingly using modern materials such as expanded polypropylene EPP, which is processed at Knauf Industries plants, as it offers more options for its design. This material is the first choice for trunk mats, but also for storage compartments and functional tool boxes. It allows a significant reduction in the unladen weight of the vehicle and better organization of the trunk, which in turn means better load capacity. The material also has excellent shock-absorbing, damping and heat-insulating properties, so that noise from the trunk is less audible and the cargo being transported – luggage, furniture, appliances or groceries – is better protected. It should be remembered that a car manufactured using lightweight components is more economical to run and the reduced fuel consumption is particularly important for long journeys.

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