How much a motorcycle license costs today

My field reportAfter I have explained and broken down the cost of a motorcycle license I would like to point to a
supporting pillar of the "two-wheeler licenses" namely the costs that go along with it (if you are not related or married to a driving instructor, of course). Since with many motorcycle driver's license candidates are not times evenly so on high edge (why actually not – well well well…), here now a mad possibility of letting "sponsor" itself this.

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What is so special?

It is simple and just therefore ingenious and since recently free of charge including all certificates – it doesn't get any better than that!!! I personally have broken with my house bank. White with their exploiter mentality nothing more to do. I prefer it, if my fellow men profit, finally they help me, without you knowing me personally! So what exactly is this not so mysterious credit principle?

The credit model is called P2P loan (Wikipedia: Peer-to-peer credit) and is made available by the platform Auxmoney. With this model it is possible for you to borrow money from your fellow human beings, z.B. Just for your motorcycle license. The special thing is that you can borrow money without being particularly popular with the Schufa or the bank advisor. Because the community decides your fate. And here your own destiny really counts for something!

This is how the overview of current credit projects looks like:

How much a motorcycle license costs today

Helpers come!

Your helpers get a certain share of the interest you set! You name the reason for which you need the money and make a small budget in which you set up the income and expenses. Rent, electricity, water, living expenses, insurances… So really only the expenses and your earnings. Make sure it is coherent, otherwise there will be questions and the text cannot be changed after the bids have been received (at least I think I know).

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So it is a loan, which is composed of from several lenders in the bidding process is composed of… Top as I find! The own credit project can be underpinned with so-called certificates. These are done in collaboration with Schufa. The Creditreform created. Print out the form, fill it out and poof, your values online for all potential lenders to see.

But don't be shy, no names will be published… Only your username, your picture (optional), your text and of course the Certificates like the Postident procedure, to have your person legitimized by the post office.

The certificates do not cost the world (think 10€/piece), but are very important, as you build trust. And who would give money to a stranger, right?. Bits of info are well gifted to the financier. People with good values get for every conceivable purpose, so not only the rag, a credit up to 20.000€. Worse values are limited up to 10.000€.

Tips to make your motorcycle license:

– I advise Schufaflüchtlingen (with certificate value under 200) an interest rate of approx. 14%. – Upload a friendly picture if your values are not so great – Be detailed with your listing and write a nice justification, please without spelling mistakes😛 – Write to investors by locating you from other credit projects (mail function is directly possible) – Do not despair, continue to ask for help – 2 to 3 attempts are not uncommon – Think positively and look forward to the motorcycle license

So hope that helps the one or the other to get to his goal. My house bank said no, my new friends of the Auxmoney community said yes!

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