How many close the gate.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was liked and liked others. During the lessons she got such terrible fits of laughter that sometimes she was thrown out of the door. The girl lived carefree. But at some point I wanted (had to?) she grow up and choose a profession with which she could earn money. Since the little girl loved not only life but also languages, she decided to become an English and French teacher. That also went quite well. At some point she got a job. Her bell-bright laugh brightened up the gray everyday life of her colleagues. It was also liked here. But her childish character could not be entirely denied by the grownup girl. She loved cabbages with one of her colleagues. At the beginning, the subject of dispute was a television set with an accompanying video recorder (FOR STUDENTS ONLY)!!!), later she was regularly upset about the abandoned slide head projector. O-Ton: "That's like at a bazaar here!" With criminalistic flair and childlike curiosity, the search was then on for the perpetrator of this crime ("I was in the 5 yesterday.Hour still here, since I had put him away, so would have to yesterday…"). Apart from these little trench wars, it was only with us Mafiosi that life became difficult for her. In 1999, at the beginning of our course relationship, she was fond of us and announced she would not write any unannounced tests. We trusted the adult girl. But this became more and more sad and angry in the course of the following 3 years. The students didn't like her work as much as she had wanted them to. We Mafiosi just love the change. That was not really offered: The lessons always followed the same pattern. In the beginning the adult girl tried to motivate in the loving way. "Go ahead and say it in German" sentences. Hallucinations à la "I thought I saw your finger" followed. But if you think she made it easy for us, you're wrong. Her vocabulary tests were hard to pass. Up to ca. 1500 vocabulary words were to be learned per test. In the MSS 13 we ran out of steam a bit. Motivation Wednesday in the first and Friday afternoon 15:15 to 16:15 is not really easy to get. Desperately, the girl tried the authoritarian method: unannounced tests after each Friday afternoon double lessons, in which most were absent (some really ill!) and the rest was busy elsewhere. The average Friday afternoon double lesson started at 15:20 and filled up to 15:30 with Benny "entering" the room beaming over the window sill, with Florian W., who came whizzing by on his bicycle ("Sorry, I have made a siesta").) and other latecomers, waiting in front of the obstacle of the closed gate along with their car. The adult girl somehow related it all to herself. During endless, annoying discussions, the usually diplomatic Timo showed himself to be a fighter. "Superficial" and "cheeky" found the adult girl that he had written about the second unannounced test "unnecessary"! In such situations the girl always became tense and her voice loud and gruff. This annoying school day with cheeky students made her heart more difficult. Could she keep her zest for life. To live out your passion after all! One thing is clear: she didn't do that in class. But we as intelligent, intuitively sensing Mafiosi suspected her of hiding something behind the "dragon" facade. Correct! When we asked her for an article for our Abi newspaper, we got a passionate, creative and grandiose (honestly!!!) Contribution delivered. This one at the latest shows that even in the adult teacher Christine Lenz-Meredig there is a tendency to play games and put on a show. If she had not felt comfortable in the course atmosphere, she would hardly have written such an article…

…And the hope remains that the grown-up girl liked us anyway and that her bell-bright laughter can still be heard often in the walls of the Stama…

"Life is a show" (Chr. Lenz-Meredig)

', 'How many close the gate.

In the summer of 1999, the students of the basic course English, powered by Stama Entertainment, started together on the road to the Abitur. Completely convinced by the most modern trends in educational policy, I introduced the students to the motto "School should be fun".

In the first year the management did not adhere to this motto, because we were given three individual lessons in the morning spread over the week, wonderfully suitable for working, doing homework ( 3 x weekly !!), learning vocabulary etc. …,totally unsuitable but for fun and action, d.H. Worst broadcasting times and low (participant) ratings . Therefore, this first year of work was also quickly forgotten.

In grade 12, our motto was also taken into account by the management, because our schedule was finally "fun-oriented". We were on Mondays in the 10. Hour and Tuesdays in the 9./10. Hour – absolute prime time – was allowed for the "late night show. Homework from monday late to tuesday not possible, therefore at the most 1 x weekly domestic trouble – just hit.

In Studio R 338, I was allowed to be showmaster, quizmaster, animator and talk show host, accompanied by the evening rush hour traffic of Bad Kreuznach, always with the latest cinema programs in front of my eyes – the fun was perfect, every hour an "event. Kathrin and Viola regularly held a coffee party with all the trimmings, Benjamin reverted to kindergarten age and made toys out of surprise eggs, which prompted me to throw them out of the window, but not before having given a taste of "Wetten dass". Indeed, the stars present did not believe that I would dispose of the toy in this way and made bets among themselves, which resulted in the contents of two surprise eggs (Smurfs including house) ending up on the street,

A commercial that finally made it clear to the citizens of Bad Kreuznach: "The Stama is being dusted off, there's fun at the Stama".

Not to forget the knocking orgies, caused by the studio R 338, which is not accessible without a teacher's key. Since Florian always came late from his nap, but we couldn't afford a bouncer, he had to knock his way into the show, which I answered with the same knocks. Only after passing the knocking test was he let in, to frenetic applause from his star colleagues. I would have liked to offer "cheerful career advice", but on the completely washed-out board the spectators could not recognize the job title written on it. Only after urgent requests to the higher district management were no "flip charts" (the latest tools of the entertainment industry) but a new board provided.

We had a lot of fun, among other things, because we actively helped with the construction of the new cinema across the street. We kept in touch with the workers, who – standing on the scaffolding – liked to have a chat with us and from whom I occasionally got information about their workday, so that we could plan whether our own soundtrack would be played from 17 onwards.Oo clock could be used or if we had to rely on the soundtrack of cement machines and cranes.

In grade 13, the fun factor was emphasized even more – the "Early Morning Show" (Wednesdays 1. Std.) for hardcore and breakfast TV lovers and the "Late Night Weekend Show"(Fridays 9./10.Std.) let us get into top form and gave me as a presenter unbeatable participation quotas. However, the first 4 – 6 weeks were marked by travel preparations for the study trips, which let our show step somewhat into the background. Reading). Read the first part. The first serious conflict in our show emerged: only some of the stars had gotten the script 4 weeks after the assignment was given and only two had read the first part. It quickly became clear to me that a motivational boost was needed, a "highlight" had to be created in the form of a quiz on the Early Morning Show. Here I reached top form as showmaster, the evaluation of the stars turned out however very simply. After all, this "performance" had led to the fact that the next script was procured in time and even on time for the "Pre-Christmas Special" (on 14.12.01, 9./10.Std.) was processed.

By the way, the management had assigned us a different studio for the late-night show, on the first floor overlooking the school gate.

So we could spice up our performance with interludes from the Guinness show with the following records "How many people have a key to the gate?", "How many close the gate?", "How many leave it open?" Jakob acted as Mr Feldman of the Guinness Show, d.H. As referee, and guarded everything. Gate openers defeated gate closers and key holders to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

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