Healthy living

Healthy living

Your start to a healthy life begins here!
Health, beauty and Energy – these are the three things everyone wants for a happy and fulfilled life. Fatty food, alcohol, nicotine and too little exercise mean that more and more people are struggling with illnesses, even though we have never been as well off as we are today. We enjoy the highest level of prosperity and health – a fact that is difficult to deny. We don't have to worry about getting food, and social and medical care has never been more secure. S All food is always available. Often even already portioned into bite-sized pieces. The abundance of our modern society is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Many foods are enriched with preservatives and additives and important substances that we need for a healthy diet fall by the wayside. We eat too much sugar, fat, and meat, do too little exercise, and reach for convenience foods far too often.

High stress levels and an unhealthy diet are due to the permanent pressure of our performance-oriented society.

The consequences of it get many humans particularly in later years at the own body clearly to feel. Civilization diseases are the result:

– Heart and vascular diseases
Eating disorders
Mental/emotional suffering
– Breathing problems

With these tips, you will succeed in living healthy from now on:

LOSE WEIGHT: Eat healthy, eat and drink plenty of food

Losing weight is based on the principle of sustainability and only works if certain rules are followed. For example, it is very important that fewer calories are burned than supplied over a longer period of time. In any case, you must continue to pay attention to a healthy, balanced diet. People should eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day – a workload that only very few people manage to achieve. Delicious smoothies solve the problem – they do hardly any work and contain everything the body needs. The so-called superfoods are also fantastic for losing weight. Dieting is not a bad idea in principle, but it should be supported by exercise.

Food for a healthy life

Healthy lunch

Build intestinal flora

FITNESS: Keep your body fit by doing enough sports and exercise

Fitness is important for body, soul and spirit. It is all the sadder that only one in four Austrians gets enough exercise. If the organ system in your body is underused, you may gain body weight or get sick. Sometimes just adding a little exercise to your daily routine helps. You do not feel comfortable in your body? Then you should urgently try sports. You will notice the difference after just a few days. With a lot of discipline and the right training you can quickly get in shape.

Nutrition plan for muscle building


The treadmill


The pulse watch

HEALTH: Our health is the most valuable asset we have.

Whether it's a headache, heartburn or high blood pressure, each of us struggles with a health malady from time to time. We enjoy the privilege of being able to see a doctor at any time. However, we could be spared many a visit to the doctor if we would change our lifestyle a bit. Balanced diet is the basis for a healthy life. What vitamins and nutrients do our foods contain? We have dedicated a separate chapter to this important topic. By relaxation methods, like massages and Ayurveda you create a balance to the hurried everyday life. You are trying to quit smoking? We give you valuable tips on how to succeed.

The nicotine withdrawal

The nicotine abuse

Quit smoking

Overweight and obesity

Types of massage

PARTNERSHIP: Maintain healthy relationships with those around you

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for you and your partner. We'll walk you through 40 weeks of pregnancy with all the exciting moments that now come your way. Get all the important information about sexuality, pregnancy& Birth:

How to freshen up your relationship – 3 tips for long-term couples

The birth – birth signs, birth preparation

Maternity cover including maternity cover calculator

DISEASES: Avoid diseases

Whether it is a childhood illness, a cold or an infectious disease – every person is affected by an illness again and again in the course of his or her life. Often home remedies already help to combat them. By a healthy way of life you can contribute to avoid diseases and consequential damages prophylactically.

Article recommendations:


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HOLIDAY: Take time to recover and decelerate

Spend a few days at home to catch up on sleep, take a trip to the spa, or go skiing in the mountains – recovery is a matter of definition. It is important to take regular breaks in the stress of everyday work to take a breath and clear your head.

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