He is only a simple fireman

He is only a simple fireman

After almost 25 years, Lothar Racky is stepping down from his post as fire chief in Ehlhalten. Here he tells how he experienced the time.

Ehlhalten -It still goes in a jiffy. In a matter of seconds, Lothar Racky is changed into his firefighting gear, standing ready in boots, jacket, pants and helmet. Fortunately, there is no operation this evening, but the 56-year-old only has to go out for a newspaper photo. For good reason: Racky has been the fire chief in Eppstein's smallest district for almost a quarter of a century, has left his mark on the firefighters during this time, and most recently handed over the post to Peter Schmitt at the general meeting. The successor had already been his deputy for a good three years; before that, Axel Ernst had been with the boss for more than 20 years. Ernst, in turn, succeeded Racky at the helm of the firefighters' association. New deputy fire chief is now Christoph Fernandez.

The former leader of the local fire department is satisfied when he looks at these personalities. For himself, the time has now come "just" still easier to be a firefighter. Racky does not want to be taken away from that, the fire department is too important to him. This already shows that he cannot remember the many operations in detail. And partly not would like, because there had been also bad accidents with fatalities under it.

He was surprised when he became chief

But the fire department has always held together despite difficult moments – a merit that Racky could pin to his lapel. "Working with the people, that's the be-all and end-all", he emphasizes. Whenever there were problems, the troops "always pulled themselves together again. Here's how he never thought of parting. And at the beginning not to be able to take over this post. After his youth he soon became youth leader, then deputy leader of the fire brigade. But when he was then addressed for the chief post, it had surprised him already, he looks back.

Two decades of "Vice in the city

Racky has grown into the important role and expanded it even further. For two decades he was deputy city fire chief, mainly alongside Hans Menke. But his real love is Ehlhalten. There he grew up, there he followed his older brother Reiner to the youth fire brigade. And there he is in other associations. Earlier as a table tennis player at the TSG, later as Kerbeborsch and Kerbevadder, also as a member of the MSC and CDU. And he got to head the celebratory committee for 775 years of Ehlhalten. "A strong piece of community" – the motto of the "great village, that almost won the 2004 television competition of the same name, Racky has always lived by that.

Trips with the Borgward

Especially, of course, with the fire department. Much has happened in the time. The helpers rebuilt the team room in the fire station themselves. When Jakob Becht donated an old Borgward to them, they restored the classic car, turned it into a fire engine for trips and weddings, and founded a small club. Racky about this. Lots of other action. In former times there was still the fire-brigade mask ball at Fastnacht, firm dates in the year – if straight Corona is not – are further the New Year receipt with honors, the slaughter celebration and the father day Frühschoppen. Racky is also proud of the 75th anniversary of the fire department. "Due to new tasks that firefighters have to deal with today, it is essential to continue their education through training courses. We also put a lot of emphasis on training here in Ehlhalten", he emphasized in the 2009 commemorative publication. And added: "Well trained executives in our rows are a guarantor for the fact that we become fair also in the future the requirements placed to us. By a good youth work in the youth fire-brigade we set for it the foundation-stone." Sentences that are more current than ever.

He wants good youth work

And therefore Racky wishes for the Wehr above all a good youth work, which has air upward with six young forces. He will continue to play with the active players – up to 65 is possible, the FC Bayern Munich fan gives a possible goal. Its motto "look out in front" he wants to implement further -. Knows an active family at his side: Wife Elke has always supported the activities of the fire brigade. Son Marc (30) is a member of the fire department. The currently has 26 forces, including 3 women. "They are absolutely needed", Racky advertises for female amplification. He has even turned his hobby into a profession, and is a member of the company fire department at Industriepark Höchst.

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