Gta 6 barely bigger than los santos

GTA 6 remains smoke and mirrors. But a recent leak shows the possible size of the map, which is hardly larger compared to Los Santos.

New York – For weeks or. Even months, leaks about the Setting and map of GTA 6 on. Whether this is real work from the Rockstar Games studio or a fan has a lot of time since the Corona pandemic is not known. However, the leaked maps on each other, thus originate presumably from the same source. Now a Reddit user has taken a closer look at the alleged GTA 6 map and compared it with the Dimensions of Los Santos from Grand Theft Auto 5 compared.

GTA 6: Fans are waiting impatiently for official information from Rockstar Games

Fans of Grand Theft Auto have had a big wish for years: finally Information on the sixth part of the series to receive. But Rockstar is silent as the grave, and seems to have been tight-lipped with information, an announcement, or even the Release of GTA 6 not in such a hurry. No wonder, after all GTA 5 still runs bombastic after more than seven years and brings the game developer a lot of money in the house. Originally released on the PS3 and Xbox 360, there will now also be an upgrade for the next-gen consoles. Also the release of GTA 5 for the PS5. Xbox Series X is now fixed. Lucky PS5 and Xbox Series X owners:inside won't have to wait too much longer for the Enhanced and Expanded Edition wait, because it still appears End of this year.

Many fans are over the action of Rockstar, however not happy and accuse the company from New York of "milking" the current GTA part of the series. On the official Rockstar Twitter account you can read regular comments from angry fans demanding information about GTA 6.

GTA 6: Leaked map as big as Los Santos – fans are disappointed

But it seems that fans will have to wait longer for information from Rockstar Games. Therefore, many are focusing on alleged leaks and rumors, which appear again and again in various forums. Below, an alleged map of GTA 6 that has been popping up on and off for months. In fact, however, the map has evolved, from a mere sketch to a more elaborate model. If the leaks are true, fans can probably look forward to a Vice City setting in GTA 6.

Gta 6 barely bigger than los santos

Many fans would like to see Vice City setting for GTA 6, so it's entirely conceivable that a hardcore fan designed the maps. On the leaked images is a huge island to see, in whose northeast corner a larger version of Vice City is to be seen. The rest of the island is filled with lots of green spaces, because judging by the pictures, the map consists of two-thirds forest and meadows. A Reddit user has now taken the leaked GTA 6 map and compared it with Los Santos.

While Vice City looks much more polished and dense, fans doubt the Authenticity of the leak in direct comparison to the GTA 5 map. In the leaked map are namely also huge highways with six lanes to see, but supposedly lead to nowhere. Also uninterrupted beach of the map does not make sense for a fan, why does he or she however not explain. Based on the Reddit user's size comparison, the leaked map appears to be equally large to be like the map in GTA 5. For many fans, the leaked GTA 6 map is therefore simply disappointing, as they expect much more from the future Grand Theft Auto part. Whether Rockstar can live up to those expectations?

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