Gta 5 how to fix the error code 152

Gta 5 how to fix the error code 152

We continue our tour of GTA 5 and the drawbacks that cause headaches to explain how you can correct error code 152.

What is the error code 152 in GTA 5?

The errors are not a novelty in the world of videos. Even if developers focus on achieving great results where everything can run perfectly, there can be inconveniences that lead to real headaches If we know how to fix error code 152, we just want to make some small changes, since everything indicates that there is a certain relationship with Google's DNS servers. In this sense, we perform some solutions, hoping that some of them can serve you and Enjoy with it all the content that this game brings, because it's a shame to be stuck without answers.

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How to fix error code 152 in GTA 5 5?

Here we propose some solutions in the hope that they will get you out of this problem and let you continue playing.

Use a VPN.

There is a possibility that this problem is directly related to the region. However, since everything has a solution in this life, only some adjustments need to be made. For this, it is important to switch to another region VPN. Free VPNs are an excellent option. To do this, you need to download and install it, activate it and start the game.

Change the domain names of the servers.

One of the biggest drawbacks that we can put up with in some cases is the domain names of the servers, as they usually contain a predetermined name, as this is necessary to know how to correct error code 152, as everything is clearly related, which In doing so, is changed to a Google DNS. Here's how this happens:

– We press Windows R.
– Then we choose Network and Internet.
– We then click on Change adapter options.
– Then right-click on the network connection and select Properties.
– We click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / Ipv4).
– We click on properties.
– We check that we have on the primary DNS server and on the secondary DNS server.
– We check the configuration for validity.
– We proceed to save the changes and exit to restart GTA 5.

Change the Internet connection.

Sometimes it is possible that we have problems that are clearly related to our Internet provider, because sometimes we can not access certain websites that specifically access the game website. So, in this sense, if we are connected via wifi, we have to look for another type of internet connection to enjoy the game.

Use the Epic Games Launcher online.

This is a solution suggested by a Reddit user named GIGA 30. There he talks about using the Epic Games launcher online to wait for it to load and then disconnect the internet. Start GTA 5 and as soon as we get into the story mode Connect the Internet again.

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