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The GST 160 CE/BCE Professional: all features at a glance Optimum control Constant cutting speed Compact, lightweight design 800-watt motor with electronics optimized with a small handle Bright illumination always ensures a good view of the cutting area LED LIGHT Reduced friction force Footplate glides smoothly thanks to replacement saw blades Plastic soleplate Change over the workpiece with one hand and without tools thanks to the one-hand SDS- system High-precision saw blade guide SDS through double rollers. Reduction of saw blade bending – for excellent cutting precision Free cuttingfläche without dust due to fan function BODE-014933 Leaflet GST 160 DE+AT.Indd 2 30.09.13 13:16

New jigsaw generation for professionals: the GST 160 CE/BCE Professional Full control for clean cuts SWISS T308BP HCS MADE Scope of delivery: Saw blade: 1 × T 144 DP and 1 × T 244 D and 1 × T 308 BP, clamping tear guard, dust extraction set, L-BOXX The GST 160 CE/BCE Professional jigsaw offers carpenters high precision with simple and controlled tool guidance. This is made possible by the combination of low weight, compact design, small handle circumference and "Precision Control" saw blade guide. The models weigh only 2.2 kg resp. 2.3 kg, operate witha powerful 800-watt motor with Constant Electronic and have a robust die-cast magnesium footplate. Constant Electronic ensures continuous working progress even when cutting deep into hard materials. Thanks to the plastic sole, the foot plate glides over the workpiece with particularly low friction. This prevents damage to sensitive surfaces. In addition, the machines rest almost completely on the surface and can therefore also be securely attached to corners and edges. The result is clean cuts in every work situation. Technical data GST 160 CE/BCE Professional GST 160 CE Innovation highlights: Handle design Rated input power rod/frame 800 W € 259.00* ▶▶ Compact, lightweight and low-vibration jigsaw Best.-No.: 0 601 517 000 ▶▶ "Precision Control" saw blade guide for precise cuts Stroke rate at idle 800 to 3000 min¯¹ ▶▶ SDS clamping system for tool-free one-hand saw blade change Stroke height 26 mm GST 160 BCE Depth of cut in wood (90°) Weight 160 mm 2.2/2.3 kg € 259.00* Best.-No.: 0 601 518 000 * unverb. Recommended retail price excl. BODE-014933 Leaflet GST 160 EN+AT.Indd 3 30.09.13 13:16

Easy replacement of saw blades thanks to one-hand SDS system SDS The saw blades can be changed with one hand and without tools thanks to the SDS system: If you press the clamping lever, the saw blade is automatically ejected. This prevents burns on the hot blade. The new blade is then simply plugged in and clicks into place. The previously necessary opening of the clamping lever is eliminated. 03 Insert saw blade: The new n: aus wer fe 01 Blade is simply plugged in Saw blade press 02 el and engages with a click Sp a n nh eb ird out wor fe w Saw blade Saw bl a t t h e o l d h a lte r au t f om he be l m f ne te d posit at ish in us s nic ion, Sp h t ge d an rück t w n- e rde n Exact cuts "Precision Control" saw blade guide The optimized double roller guide minimizes saw blade bending, prevents saw blade runout and thus enables extremely precise cuts, especially in wood and wood composites. This makes the machines particularly suitable for detail work in interior finishing and kitchen and exhibition stand construction, for example, for curved and straight cuts in particleboard. BODE-014933 Leaflet GST 160 EN+AT.Indd 4 30.09.13 13:17

More stability for cuts close to the edge due to maximized size of the plastic shoe 01 Loosening of the metal foot plate with improved plastic shoe. 03 04 Insert Optimized SDS footplate of the Win k el s Um le ge n with new additio nal stabilizing connection on the rear side of the footplate. Prevents unintentional toolless adjustable foot plate Changes in the walking 45º angle and guarantees 0º with exact 90° positioning 45º 90° adjustment option SDS BODE-014933 Leaflet GST 160 DE+AT.Indd 5 30.09.13 13:17

Fatigue-free work, especially overhead, thanks to low The Bosch System weight and compact design Jigsaw blade T 308 B / T 308 BO System accessories 5 pieces 2 608 663 751 The Bosch guide bar adapter FSN SA* is an element of the Bosch System. You can use it in combination with the guide rail. The GST 160 CE/BCE clean 5 pieces perform straight cuts accurately. 2 608 663 868 Jigsaw blade T 308 BP / T 144 DP / T 1044 DP SWISS T308BP HCS MADE * available from 2014 5 pieces 2 608 667 400 Clean with system Excellent Take care of your work – cutting precision thanks to perfect our system does the rest 5 pieces Together 2 608 633 A35 Only the right system turns professionals into full professionals. Between jigsaws Because with the Click& Clean system is each detail by and jigsaw T1044DP thought out. At Bosch, vacuums, power tools and HCS SWISS leaf MADE accessories are developed from a single source and precisely matched to each other. Clean 3 pieces 2 608 667 394 with system thanks to suction adapter Jigsaw blade T 308 BFP SWISS T308BFP BIM MADE 5 pieces 2 608 636 737 BODE-014933 Leaflet GST 160 DE+AT.Indd 6 30.09. An intelligent transport-. Storage system … If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the purchase at the participating retailer within 60 days. Valid for all until 31.12.GST 160 CE/BCE models purchased in 2013. Save now! The Bosch 3-year warranty Take advantage of our 3-year warranty for all Bosch power tools for professionals, in addition to and independent of the 60-day promotion. By registering on the Internet, you can take advantage of this guarantee: … On the construction site ▶ Enter www.Bosch professional.Com/warranty in your tools, accessories, consumables: If you already have the browser an overview in the workshop, you won't forget anything you need later on the construction site. ▶ You will automatically be taken to the German website ▶ Log in with your user name and password … During transport If you do not yet have access data, you will find under Simply load, transport safely: The Mobility System from Bosch is the same link the possibility to register compatible with in-vehicle equipment from Sortimo. ▶ After successful registration, click on "Register new device" and follow the instructions … In the workshop Regardless of whether large work tables or heavy machines have to be trans- ported: The Mobilty System from Bosch also shows what it can do on the construction site. BODE-014933 Leaflet GST 160 DE+AT.Indd 7 30.09.13 13:18

Germany Power Tools P.O. Box 10 01 56 Robert Bosch GmbH BODE-014933 Leaflet GST 160 DE+AT.Indd 8 70745 Leinfelden-Echterdingen Austria 1110 Vienna Power Tools Geiereckstraße 6 Robert Bosch AG 1 619 M00 F28 – en – Printed by FIND Druck und Design GmbH& Co. KG, Felix-Wankel-Str. 2, 71397 Leutenbach-Nellmersbach, Germany. Subject to technical changes. Liability for printing errors is excluded.

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