Grand theft auto iv how to fly a plane

Grand theft auto iv how to fly a plane

Released for Windows in December 2008. Grand Theft Auto IV is a part of the widely popular and controversial Grand Theft Auto series developed by Rockstar Games. The game is considered a sandbox style game that allows the player to explore and interact with a very open world. The game also features a variety of vehicles that the player can control to complete missions or explore.

Find a plane. The best choice is Francis International Airport on the far east side of Liberty City.

Enter the vehicle via the "Enter vehicle" button. The plane behaves like a slow car on the ground and you need to move it quickly before it can climb up.

Taxi your plane to a clear runway strip or to a runway with the most room to spare. To taxi your plane, carefully use a combination of acceleration, reverse and handbrake to slowly move the plane away from obstacles or hazards.

Steer the plane so that it is fairly straight on the runway and does not run into obstacles before takeoff. Speed up the plane. Hold this until about halay down the runway. Tilt the nose of the plane up by pulling back your thumb stick, pressing the back button on your keyboard or tilting your SIXAXIS PS3 controller.

Fly the plane away from the airport using the normal vehicle motion controls. The plane behaves similarly to a car, but creates wider and slower turns.

Land the plane by finding a safe, level place that is large and long enough for the plane to land and then slowly come to rest. Tilt the nose down when the plane is moving quite slowly and press the handbrake to start slowing down.

Approach the runway by tilting the plane parallel or nose up slightly off the ground. Touch the ground with the plane's landing gear and hold down the delay button until the plane comes to a stop.

Exit the vehicle by pressing the same button you use to enter the vehicle when the plane has come to a stop.


If you feel comfortable enough flying the plane, try doing stunts by taxiing or doing the plane loop. If you bought the downloadable content packs for GTA IV, take a parachute in case of accidents before you try to fly the plane. The aircraft's landing gear automatically lowers when the aircraft is slow enough.


While the controls of the plane are the same as any other vehicle, you must be careful when making sharp turns or flying directly into the air, as you can lose control or stall the plane's engine. You may get the "Wanted" level for stealing a plane and police helicopters will try to shoot you down.

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