General ban on overtaking for trucks on german autobahns

Trucks overtake each other due to minor speed differences on the autobahn. The process can cause a standstill in the flow of traffic, especially on two-lane highways, and can sometimes take several minutes. On multi-lane highways, there is another aspect to consider: In a comparatively small car, you are easily overlooked by the truck driver who is swerving, which in addition to a deep scare not infrequently ends fatally.

I demand a general overtaking ban for trucks on German highways so that the passenger car traffic can regulate itself independently of slow elephant races.


There are already different laws, which try to regulate the overtaking of trucks, only these are rarely kept and the offences are not punished.

A general ban is a clear thing, where there are no ifs and buts.

The ADAC writes on this subject "that only 1% of truck overtaking is carried out in accordance with the rules" and "in 99% of cases (…) either the differential speed is not sufficient (is) or the maximum permissible speed (…) is exceeded". In addition, "the time gained by overtaking in violation of the rules (…) extremely low. Voluntarily refraining from elephant racing, on the other hand, has many advantages: Less vehicle wear and fuel consumption as well as less stress for the driver."

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I would have signed immediately! Saw the petition too late! Have already some such "overtaking jams" which were simply unnecessary and moreover associated with stress for everyone and with increased driving risk. Either the truck drivers drive more sensibly on their own (or they do. They get enough time for the route from their carriers!) or an (almost) general ban, or at least an official eye that looks more closely when two trucks try to overtake each other again for tens of kilometers.

Problems occur on slopes (when a truck has to drive at walking speed because the load is very high), then overtaking is quite sensible.

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