Formula 1 clear announcement to schumacher

For Mick Schumacher it was not an easy first season in the Formula 1. The 22-year-old finished 2021 without a single point, but he is hoping for more in the new racing season.

Haas team boss Günther Steiner is also confident that the new season in the Formula 1 will go better for Mick. At the same time, he also makes a clear announcement to his protégé.

Formula 1: Team boss makes clear announcement to Mick Schumacher

The Haas team took a bold step last season by fielding two rookies at the same time. That this did not always go well, Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin showed both on and off the track. Again and again there were quarrels between the two debutants, now and then Steiner even had to intervene.


This is Mick Schumacher:

– Born on 22. March 1999 in Vufflens-le-Chateau (Switzerland)
– 2008 Mick Schumacher made his first steps in kart racing. He went to the start under the pseudonym Mick Betsch, so as not to attract too much attention
– In 2015 he started in Formula 4, where in 2016 he finished 2. Finished second in the overall standings and was promoted to Formula 3
– In Formula 3, he closed the 2017 season in 12th place. Place from. In 2018, he won the Formula 3 championship, earning his spot on the Formula 2 grid
– In 2020, Mick Schumacher won Formula 2 and received a contract with Formula 1 racing team Haas
– Mick Schumacher is part of the Ferrari Drivers Academy

Schumacher won the duel on the track, although it must be said that both drivers had the weakest car in the entire field. Still, the German was faster than his teammate in 16 races. In the qualifying sessions he was even 19 times faster. Does that make him the No. 1 driver at Haas?

Formula 1 clear announcement to schumacher

In an interview with RTL, the Haas boss rules out picking Schumacher as the better driver, but also says why that is: "You make yourself number one, I don't have to do that," says Steiner.

Formula 1: Guenther admonishes Schumacher and Mazepin

A clear instruction for Schumacher, who could also take the first season as a motivation, however, and outperformed Mazepin by several seconds per lap in most races. At the same time, Steiner also admonished his two protégés.

It's okay to race "with the knife between your teeth," but "keep the knife between your teeth and don't put it in the other guy," Steiner says.


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That there will always be friction, he says, is normal. "That's something we have to live with," says Steiner. 'I can't expect them to be friends'."The team boss also hopes that both of them will pick up where they left off last year for the new season. After the summer break, the relationship between the two had improved. "I think they then spoke up and you could see it was getting less."

Also that both drivers suddenly become friends, "I can not expect from them," says Steiner. But he hopes: "Have mutual respect: If I don't fight you, if you need a favor, I'm there for you." Whether both youngsters take this to heart?

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