Exit and complete the gta online introduction

How to play in GTA Online the Finish introduction? What do you have to do Complete the introduction and to be able to participate in missions as well as heists? So or so similar may be the question of one or the other player who has actually played the introduction and successfully completed, but the error message "You can't join this player's session until you've both completed the GTA Online introduction and have a valid online character" is displayed. How to fix the "introduction glitch" in most cases, we have created a short guide to this in this article.

GTA Online Introduction Bug: Tutorial not completed?

If you get a message in GTA Online that you have to finish and complete the introduction before you can join the session, this is in most cases a bug. Sometimes it helps to wait a little. Then just to try again. It is also said to have helped some players to briefly switch to the single player mode of GTA 5 and then back to GTA Online again.

If the problem persists, then at least on PS4 (and PS5) you can work around the introduction bug via a "workaround". The "trick" is not to join the session via the cell phone or the keyboard. Joining the friends list in GTA Online, but via the quick menu. The important thing is that the friend must be online and then you can select him in the friends list and join the game.

Here's how to do it on the PlayStation 4.

1. Start GTA Online and join a session (if not already done). 2. Open the quick menu via the PlayStation button, select Grand Theft Auto 5, and then select the appropriate lobby on the right via "More sessions" and join it.

In most cases it works directly on the first try, but sometimes you have to try several times until you finally end up in the lobby without having to "Exit the introduction". So far, we have not been able to find out if this trick also works on Xbox One to fix the introduction bug in GTA Online.

Exit and complete the gta online introduction

You can join this player's session only after both of you have completed the introduction to GTA Online

By the way, in the past you could sometimes solve the problem by creating a second account and completing the introduction again. However, the "trick" no longer seems to work today. The only known workaround for the problem is to join via the PSN- resp.

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