Epic gives away grand theft auto 5

With "GTA 5 manufacturer Rockstar has created one of the most successful long runners in the history of games – nevertheless, the super hit is now being given away. And exclusively in the online store of "Fortnite"-maker Epic.

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Sony and Microsoft give subscribers to their premium services several games every month – and sometimes there's even a real banger in it. But now shooting "Fortnite-Epic is giving away the free bird in its store: Customers of the digital store can download the Windows version of the sensationally successful blockbuster "GTA 5" via its PC launcher download – for free!

For comparison: On Steam, you pay around 35 Euros for the Premium Edition of the title. Included in the for-free version are both the single player mode and GTA Online. So it's no wonder that the manufacturer's servers temporarily collapsed under the onslaught. But in the meantime, the game can be loaded and installed without problems in most cases.

GTA: Free version until 21. May available

And if things don't work out as expected, don't panic: Apparently, the free version of the open-world hit is available until 21. May available at 5 p.M. But be careful: If you don't have the Epic Launcher yet, you might have problems, because the store website is often unavailable at the moment. Fortunately, the launcher is not only available from Epic itself – other sites also offer the tool for download.

"Mafia Trilogy"-Fans can rejoice: real remake expected

The gangster and open-world trip to the fictional US metropolis of Los Santos is one of the most successful three games of all time, with around 120 million copies sold – only "Minecraft" (over 150 million) and "Tetris" (more than 170 million) are even more successful. Rumors and alleged "leaks" surface from time to time to "GTA 6" but there is no official information from Rockstar yet.

Michael, Franklin and Trevor for free

Los Santos is in the "GTA-universe is closely based on Los Angeles, which applies not only to the city but also to the immediate surroundings including coastal roads and hills. As already known from the predecessors, it is possible to move freely in the huge game world. Whether on foot, on two or four wheels, or in various flying machines. The story of "GTA 5" revolves around the three main characters Michael, Franklin and Trevor, who couldn't be more different, but whose fates are intertwined. The game was released in 2013 for the then newest consoles Xbox 360. Playstation 3. A year later, the hit game was available for the successor systems. A year later, the successful game was then available for the successor systems. The PC version, which is now offered for free, was launched in April 2015.

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