Electronic lasso car remote controlled stop want eu and police stalinists

Electronic lasso car remote controlled stop want eu and police stalinists

Despite NSA affair: politicians and police develop more and more crude fantasies for round-the-clock surveillance and control of all people. The latest idea: a so-called electronic lasso for cars will remotely stop any moving car or take over the ride. With it one wants to revolutionize, it is said, the police work and total monitoring possibilities of humans. But what is called a revolution, human rights activists see as one of the worst attacks against human rights and freedoms. In the future, according to the vision of some EU bodies, every patrol officer should have a button in his car, motorcycle or helicopter with which he can completely take over every other car in front of him or next to him or below him – control it, stop it.

A representative of the German police union told a Berlin radio station on Sunday that the electronic lasso for cars would be used in the future to stop speeders, for example, who would not stop voluntarily. But how often does a speeding car continue to drive even though it has crossed the red "stop" sign?-The all-powerful union representative of the police did not tell Elle that he would be able to see it.

In addition, it should already be clear: What a policeman can do, private people will be able to do in the future: hijacking cars in the perverse variant – a stranger simply takes over the controls of any private car. What was a horror idea in every Hollywood movie only a few years ago, thanks to the Stalinist U.S. Erosion of extensive democratic rights in the context of the NSA actions, is now thus increased by another level, just the electronic lasso.

It is no longer some cranky Hitlers or Stalins who are abolishing the achievements of the civilized world, democracy, but the system itself is turning against freedom: the parliamentarians of the liberal states are increasingly becoming the gravediggers of every spark of freedom. Because they should be it once again, which in the EU the total monitoring also each individual driving car will prescribe by law and evenly also the electronic Lasso.

According to a working paper of the EU monitoring unit ENLETS, every safety authority in the EU should immediately start thinking about how to introduce the electronic lasso and then make it mandatory for all cars registered in the European Union.

Allegedly, the prerequisites for this are already present in numerous cars. A precursor to this is, for example, the European emergency system "eCall", which will come into force in 2015. In the future, it is to be installed in every new car, so that in the event of an accident, an alarm can be sent to the emergency services from every car. For this purpose, sensors will be built into cars as standard starting in 2015, possibly also enabling the location of the respective car. But this also means that in the future, the total control of everyone who carries a smartphone around with them is likely to increasingly take place via cars as well.

The EU is currently investing a total of 3.3 million euros of taxpayers' money in the development of an electronic lasso for cars. In addition to the electronic lasso via a button, experiments with electromagnetic impulses are also at the center of development. In the future, according to the dream of surveillance Stalinists, these could, for example, be thrown from a helicopter over any car, causing it to effectively freeze.

The "Freeze has so far been seen mainly in fantasy novels, such as the "Wheel of Time" (Wheel of Time). Here it belongs to the omnipotence technology of the groups and protagonists fighting against each other to prevent other people from moving by a Freeze network.

One of the companies currently working on the development of electromagnetic waves to "freeze" the car is a company that is working on the development of electromagnetic waves to "freeze" the car The company IMST GmbH from Kamp-Linfort is one of the companies involved in this project. According to the company, its range of services includes "radio systems, chip design, antennas and EDA software".

In addition to standard products such as radio modules, there are also… Customer-specific developments in the focus of our service catalog". However, IMST project manager Martina Martinez admitted that they are not currently working on the development phase of an electronic lasso. But, she said, it is hoped that "in 2016 we will be able to stop a car on a closed test track".

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