Customers ask how recharging works.

It's becoming increasingly important for car dealers to engage customers on a digital level as well. The basic prerequisite here is the right Internet presence. But even a professionally designed Internet presence is only half the battle. Through sustainable search engine optimization, car dealers lay the foundation for lasting success on the Web. Digitalization is advancing inexorably. For car dealers, the Internet site has become a crucial information and communication tool in recent years and is used to inform both customers and business partners about the offer. It does not matter in the meaning of the website whether the dealership is a free or an authorized dealer. Also size of the dealership. Location are secondary.

Wooden garage – is worth the self-build or the prefabricated garage?

07.02.20 Thomas Barley General Car

The garage is a staple in most homes today. Few vehicle owners want to park their cars permanently outdoors. When looking for a suitable garage, vehicle owners are often faced with the question of whether it is worth building their own wooden garage or whether it would be better to have a prefabricated garage after all. Whether directly with the new building of a house or at a later time: For many Kfz owners the own garage belongs to the home simply to it. There are different ways how a garage can be realized. Prefabricated garages are made of different materials in different dimensions. In addition to aluminum, wood, steel and concrete have become the preferred materials here. Brick-built models are also offered as prefabricated garages.

Cleaning the bicycle chain – this is how it's done

14.01.20 Thomas Barley General

At the latest when it squeaks or grinds while driving, the bicycle chain should be cleaned. To keep the bicycle chain clean for longer, the rear derailleur is cleaned as well. How exactly cleaning works and what to look out for is addressed in this guidebook.

How to charge your e-car at home

12.12.19 Thomas Barley General Electromobility Accessories

The shift from internal combustion engines to e-mobility is in full swing. The demand for E-cars is increasing. Customers ask themselves: How does recharging work?? Uncomplicated and convenient from home, it should be in your own garage and driveway. If you want to charge your e-car at home, you have two options. You use a normal 230 volt socket or you create a wallbox for yourself. Charging at home is a good idea. Public charging stations for e-cars. Plug-in hybrid cars are rare. The use of a wallbox (translated: wall box) is clearly recommended. It offers many advantages and increases safety compared to charging at a 230-volt outlet.

Camper or caravan – what is suitable for whom?

12.12.19 Thomas Barley General

Many people love camping. However, there is not only the classic tent, but also the options camper and caravan. But which of these is better suited for your own needs? In the big market, this question becomes overwhelming at first, but it's not that hard to figure out.

How to protect your car during fireworks on New Year's Eve

12.11.19 Thomas Barley General News Accessories

The safety of your car may be the last thing on your mind as you welcome the New Year with giant fireworks displays. However, there are certain risks to which your vehicle is exposed on New Year's Eve. Even those who are particularly careful when handling rockets and firecrackers can never rule out the risk of damage and fire to the car. Many people protect themselves during fireworks on New Year's Eve and take safety precautions for house and people, but forget about the car and its protection. It's not a pleasant sight when you wake up in the morning after a long New Year's Eve to find that your car has been damaged overnight by fireworks. Apply the following tips to ensure your car stays safe during New Year's Eve and isn't damaged by fireworks or their ashes.

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6 Road traffic myths: don't believe everything you hear

11.11.19 Thomas Barley Car News

A complex set of rules is needed to keep road traffic running smoothly. Although obtaining a driver's license is preceded by extensive training, sometimes it's not so easy to keep track of all the rules and regulations. In the course of time, one or two myths have become established, which, if followed, can sometimes have legal consequences for a driver.

On vacation with a classic car – what to watch out for?

12.10.19 Thomas Barley Oldtimer

No sooner have the thick bands of clouds cleared in March and the precipitation subsides significantly than the urge awakens in every proud owner of a classic car to take the rarity out for a drive. For those who have more distant destinations in mind, perhaps a European tour or a classic car meeting in a Mediterranean country, there is some work to be done to make the long-distance trip an unclouded pleasure. The perfect preparation of a classic vehicle requires some time, but the experience of vacationing with a classic car is also a very special one. Whether the destination is Italy's Amalfi Coast, Sardinia's Porto Cervo for the Rolex Regatta or the breathtakingly wild and romantic Costa Brava on the Iberian Peninsula.

Attract the offspring with a children's motorcycle in nature

03.08.19 Thomas Barley General Electromobility Motorcycle News

Nowadays many children suffer from overweight. Armed with a bag of chips or flips, they sit for hours in front of the screen. Playing their favorite game with growing enthusiasm. At the same time, interesting toys for outdoor play are currently offered on the market, such as the children's motorcycle. On the electric toy the little ones come out really big and can show outside what they are made of. A children's motorcycle is the ideal diversion for youngsters aged three and over. The small motorcycle provides plenty of exercise in the fresh air. The motorcycles have a low speed of about four kilometers per hour and are built wide and stable enough to offer enough safety while riding. They are tilt-proof and offer a large seating area on which not necessarily only the little ones can take a seat.

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