Creative slogans can appeal to your customers

Creative slogans can appeal to your customers

Can you describe your company in ten words or less? It's not easy to sum up everything you do in such a short sentence. However, your customers do not always know your offer by name alone.

That's why a tagline can be valuable to your digital marketing efforts.

Slogans are short and catchy phrases generally used in advertising campaigns. Since the 1930s, they have helped brands increase their market share and audience and sell more of their products and services. And they are still relevant and valuable today.

Slogans are the modern battle cry

The etymology of the slogan comes from two Scottish Gaelic words "sluagh" and "gairm". In modern translation this means "battle cry". In terms of marketing, it is meant to represent the current cause or focus of your product.

Slogans are sometimes confused with the company's motto, which is more of a definition of what the company as a whole offers or represents. Slogans focus on a specific product or service and what they want to do right now.

In the late 1970s, FedEx had a very effective catchphrase that made it clear how they were doing it: "If it's absolute, it has to be there overnight"." Do you realize that the slogan does not define what "it" is? Is? This is because FedEx was not only a mail carrier like the USPS, but also wanted to be known as an overnight delivery company. Today FedEx has its slogan "The world on time" Developed. Now this represents its global reach and the importance of speed and deliverability.

Why should you consider a slogan for your company?? It can help you communicate your goals and services quickly so your customers remember what makes you different from others.

Your slogan makes you different

Pepsi and Coca-Cola have always fought for market dominance. And if you review their slogans over the years, it's easy to see how they position themselves differently.

In the late 1930s, Coca-Cola had the slogan "Thirst demands nothing more". This was a clear indication of the benefits of the product. At the same time, Pepsi had the slogan "Double for Five Cents.". This was an attempt to take market share away from Coca-Cola by claiming the value was better for the Pepsi product.

Of course, neither Coca-Cola nor Pepsi are more "correct" than the others. They simply try to direct the expectations and motivations of their customers through marketing.

When it comes to your business, developing a tagline can help your potential customers notice and be intrigued. The key is to focus on what you can do differently and more effectively than other companies.

What makes you stand out?

In almost all businesses today, there is little difference between you and your competitors. However, slogans can easily position it differently.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when developing a slogan:

– How your customers benefit from your service? – What is the underlying (secondary) benefit they will get if they choose you? – How does what you do change the situation of your customers? – Do your customers usually use a phrase that describes your product or service?

It may take a while to find something that really gets closer to your customers. Okay There is no perfect slogan for a company, but if it is related to the value it provides, it is more likely to be retained.

Be simple and relatable

Remember, the broader your slogan, the less impact it will have. If you use words like "service or "Satisfaction" Have in your tagline, you lose the ability to relate. Why? Because all companies provide "service" in some way and "satisfaction" Offer.

The Avis car company has in "We try harder" Written a simple, easy-to-understand sentence. This was a direct recording of his number two under the car rental Hertz. This honest catchphrase was refreshing. Gave the company greater relativity in the marketplace. Many people know how it feels not to be number one and have to "try harder". This maverick slogan actually helped increase Avis' market share and give them their first profitable year in decades.

A call for your customers

The main objective of your slogan is to describe your company in a way that will reach your audience. You want them to say that not all companies have as obvious a goal as Coca-Cola or FedEx, but you can still create a good catchphrase that they can identify with and remember for the future.

Take time to think about how your business impacts your customers. This will probably lead you to some effective explanations of what it does. Your catchphrase may not always bring you new business right away, but it will help you keep it in your customers' minds. And that, after all, is the true goal of all effective marketing campaigns.

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