Christmas tree transport by car

Christmas tree transport by car

In particular, people who buy their first Christmas tree suddenly find themselves faced with the problem of somehow getting it home. That is why today we want to discuss several cases of how to arrange transportation in the best possible way.

For vans and big cars: trunk, rear bench seat and passenger seat are sufficient

If one has a large van or generally a car, which offers a little more space, one can easily transport the Christmas tree in the car. For this you should first empty the trunk completely. Then fold down the rear seat. If you have a car that almost resembles a limousine, that will be enough. If this case does not occur, you still have to fold down the passenger seat and then the tree should already have room.

For small cars: The roof helps

If you have a small van, this is absolutely unthinkable, here you should strap it to the roof. To do this, just open both rows of windows a crack and run ropes to clamp the tree tightly to the roof. Through the opening of the windows you can let the rope into the interior, where you tie it down. Otherwise, consider renting a trailer to safely transport the tree.

Pay attention to the speed

If the Christmas tree was attached to the roof, one should maintain only low speeds. Otherwise, it can quickly happen that:

– The needles fly off – The net tears – The tree flies away – Scratches on the car roof arise

At best plan a short transport

It is best to simply make sure that you buy the Christmas tree as close to your own home as possible. In the worst case, you could then even carry the tree home in pairs. Especially when the tree is strapped to the roof, you really shouldn't drive too long distances. Ultimately, this simply has a negative effect on the quality of the tree.


So, when transporting the Christmas tree, it depends mainly on the vehicle with which you want to transport the tree. You have drawn the lucky lot if you simply have a trailer available in which you invite the tree without further ado. Otherwise, you should look for the biggest possible car you have. With small trucks, there's nothing you can do but tie the tree to the roof.

How do you transport your Christmas trees?

How do you transport your Christmas trees in the wintertime?? Do you know any tricks of your own that could make transport even easier?? What is the best car model to reliably transport a tree? Please leave us all your knowledge in the comments.

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