By the way, there was no encore

By the way, there was no encore

About 2-3 weeks ago I opened the concert part of the inrockuptibles (les inrocks). Spied to my amazement the announcement of a concert date of the Arctic Monkeys. There was no great comment on the notice. Nor was it reported elsewhere. Even at the venue, the Elysée Montmartre, they seemed to know nothing about the concert and could not help me further. But even without advertising, the tickets for such a surprising highlight were quickly sold out. I, too, was finally among the lucky ticket holders.

The gig of the hyped youngsters was probably obviously an appetizer for the event to be held on 27. April appearing second album "Favourite worst nightmare", with which the quartet from Sheffield follows up the success of "Whatever people say I am…" Want to connect.

Whether this venture succeeds remains to be seen of course, but the impression I got from the new tracks was in any case already promising!

But first the French guys from Rhesus were allowed to take the stage for themselves and they offered a pleasing set, which warmed up the masses a little bit. But there was no need to warm up, because in the packed Elysée Montmartre there were tropical temperatures, it was almost unbearable!

As one is used to from the arctic monkeys, they didn't waste much time with long announcements or stretched songs, but rocked as usual fast, snappy and hard. At 20:45 the lights went out under hysterical screams especially of the female fans. The four guys – bassist Nick O'Malley in the lead – took their places leisurely. A short thumbs up from singer Alex Turner and off went the mail. For the start there were two new songs, which went down amazingly well, considering that nobody really knew them yet. Title three was then but really known to everyone, probably still the toilet staff. I'm talking of course about "I bet you look good on the dancefloor", which was sung along by innumerable throats and immediately for wild "crowdsurfing" provided.

The Elysee Montmartre already resembled a madhouse! In order not to let the mood drop, they pushed with "Still take you home" followed by a well-known song from their debut album. But they had not come to play only well-known songs, so that title five was new again. This change from old to new they continued until song thirteen, to end the set with four well-known songs.

It seemed to me that this mixture was very well received, at least I thought it was very successful. From the new songs I could identify at least one title, I'm talking about "Do me a favour", which drew very well. But I assume that the new single "Brianstorm" will also be released which will be released in April. Relatively towards the end they also performed a piece that they called the B-side of the first single, but I can't provide an exact title. However, it is certain that other bands would be happy to have such good material as their A-side!

Also as sure I call coming outstanding sales figures of the new album. Three big hits are on there at least, if you take tonight as a guide though, again no ballads, but usual fast, rocking pieces, but this time maybe a little more gloomy kind.

Without a doubt I saw my most gripping concert today in the Elysée Montmartre, the mood was exuberant and the mostly young, sceney crowd also had the title of the song "Put on your dancing shoes" chosen as the motto.

The conclusion with "A certain romance" was almost classic, because this was the way they always ended all their concerts. By the way, there was no encore, at least not for most of the people present today, but for me there was, because Jarvis Cocker, who had also come (after all, he also comes from Sheffield), scribbled a nice autograph with dedication on my ticket!

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